7 Best Murals of the Month: March 2020

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Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven best murals of the past month. This month: Inti and Mono urged the USA to address climate change, SS 108 painted our lives on autopilot and more. The list is in a random order.

Street Art Today 7 best murals Inti Mono Gonzales

Best murals #1


Two generations of Chilean muralists worked together to create this stunning piece in Miami: street artist INTI and Alejandro ‘Mono’ Gonzalez. Mono Gonzalez is a prominent name in the history of muralism and resistance in Chile. He is well-known for his murals about workers and social injustices. “Al Filo” was painted during the days of COP25. It addresses the importance of the decision of the United States government in the face of climate disaster. 

Photo by INTI

Enjoy the making-of video by Chop ’em Down films:

Vesod Mural Adelaide March 2020

Best murals #2


Italian artist Vesod painted “Dive” at the Australian street art festival WonderWalls Port Adelaide. With his characteristic style, the artist juxtaposed the two elements of water and fire. An oxymoron indicating the dialogue between Nature’s ubiquitous element -water- and something made by men -like the fire that recently destroyed a big area of the Australian continent. 

Photo by Capital Waste

D*Face mural in Madrid Urvanity art fair

Best murals #3


Titled “Run Away”, this classic D*Face piece was painted in Madrid for Mahou Walls, the outdoor event of the New Contemporary Art Fair Urvanity. The English artist is known for skulled, pop art inspired characters, often familiar faces from pop culture. Through them, D*Face aims at “defacing” and satirising the world. 

Photo by Leticia Díaz de la Morena

SS 108 mural street art chennei India

Best murals #4

SS 108 

Indian artist SS 108 made this piece using the same technique of pointillism. Commissioned by ST+ART Chennai, ‘சவாரி’ (Cavāri/Ride) is a satirical take on the phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence, which permeates into many aspects of our lives, leaving us with little time to reflect on our actions. We are ‘running around like a headless chicken’, hence the chicken depicted on top of a human head. Like an autopilot, the chicken rides with reigns and it is in charge of the situation. 

Photo by Pranav Gohil 

Farid Rueda mural Adidas Mexico City

Best murals #5


Adidas Mexico invited Farid Rueda to customize a flagship store in Mexico City with one of Farid’s colorful murals inspired by the cultural heritage of his country. Alluding to the brand’s iconic three stripes, Farid painted three elements representing a path from the underground to the earth and beyond. At the bottom of the composition, a skull symbolizes the underworld and celebrates life by remembering the deaths. In the middle there is a jaguar, which stands for strength and energy. And finally, at the spiritual level on top, there’s the eagle-warrior, which signifies courage, spirituality, wisdom and experience. 

Photo by Farid Rueda

Best murals #6


“Sensibility and sensitivity” was painted in Utrecht by Dutch anamorphic street artist Leon Keer. The piece invites us to reflect on the importance of keeping a balance between heart and mind during these rather difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Photo by Leon Keer 

Best murals #7


Yet another wall inspired by the Corona virus emergency. Danish graffiti writer Balstroem painted “Stay Safe” in LA, right before flying back home and beginning his quarantine. The mural invites us all to act responsibly to protect not only ourselves but the community around us. We are all in this together! 

Photo by Balstroem  

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