7 Best Murals of the Month: February 2020

Best Murals February 2020

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Bier en Brood paints a portal into infinity, Etnik tributes the multiculturalism of a plastic recycling company in Italy and more. The list is in a random order.

Etnik mural February 2020


Italian artist Etnik painted “Across the Universe” on a plastic recycling company near Vicenza (Italy). The factory employs workers from many different countries, whose colorful flags have been depicted on the large façade of the building as a tribute to the company’s multiculturalism. On the chimney -instead- the artist outlined, in his characteristic style, the plastic recycling process that takes place inside the factory. The project was curated by Associazione Jeos

Photo by Etnik

Ador best murals February 2020


As part of Festival Urbaines, French artist Ador just completed “Horizon” on the high school “Chateaubriand” in Rennes. The mural depicts two of his iconic humanoid characters pointing at the horizon. A skyline that is at the same level as the main, trafficked road from where passersby can admire yet another fragment of Ador’s surreal universe. 

Photo by Ador

Kitt Bennett mural in Melbourne February 2020


Kitt Bennett is well-known for painting huge, flat-lay figures either on rooftops or on the ground. His latest piece, which appeared in his hometown of Melbourne, is titled “Mixologist Dreams”. It was painted on the occasion of Melbourne Cocktail Festival 2020.  

Photo by Kitt Bennett

Zest Mural Madrid Urvanity art


Zest was one of the five artists invited to paint a new mural in Madrid as part of the New Contemporary Art Fair Urvanity 2020. With a background in graffiti, the French street artist is now well known for his abstract, large-scale murals in vivid colours, like the one he just painted in Madrid.

Photo by Urvanity Art

Bier en Brood street art mural Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2020


This huge mural by Dutch duo Bier en Brood was realized at the 10th edition of the international urban art festival POW! WOW! Hawaii. Titled “Panoptic Pass”, it represents a gateway into infinity. “Looking at the future is like looking through a window with a moving landscape outside” said the artists “the view is different every time we peek and according to which window we are looking through”. In this regard, the world is an ever-changing vortex that we are all passing through, although with different personalities and perspectives. 

Photo by Bier en Brood

Kashmira best murals Str+Art Chennai 2020


Among the murals made during this year’s edition of Str+Art Chennai, this colourful piece by Indian artist Kashmira Sarode got our attention. Kashmira is a young female artist based in Bangalore. Her sensitivity is reflected in the soft colour palette that she uses to tell powerful stories of emotional struggles. Depicting a mother and a daughter amidst waves of water, this mural is dedicated to the people who moved from the coast to Kannagi Nagar after the Chennai Tsunami of 2004. A story of migration and displacement, but also hope -as in the Irises flowers, which symbolize the strength and the resilience of the people affected by the tsunami. Flying in the upper part of the mural, a flock of birds recalls the idea of movement and of finding a new place to call ‘home’.

Photo by Pranav Gohil

Broken Fingaz mural February 2020


New wall in Haifa by Tant, one of the members of the Israeli collective Broken Fingaz. Founded in Haifa in 2001 by Unga, Tant, Deso and Kip, the Broken Fingaz Collective painted psychedelic murals all around the world. Their pop iconography is inspired by B-Movies, comic books from the 1980s, Japanese Shunga woodcut prints, tattoos, skateboard graphics and their own lives in the Middle East.

Photo by Yona Preminger

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