The art fair Urvanity is back in Madrid

Urvanity Art Fair 2020 Madrid

At its 4th edition this year, the New Contemporary Art Fair Urvanity takes place in the Architecture School of Madrid COAM, from February 27th to March 1st 2020

With the aim of increasing visibility of artists who started painting in the streets, the art fair Urvanity focuses on movements like Post-Graffiti, Lowbrow Art, Neo Pop and Urban Contemporary. Albeit still marginal to the art business, these movements acted as an important driving force of 21st-century’s art history and they are expected to have a similar ground-breaking effect in the art market.

Moneyless, Martinasgallery, Urvanity 2020

We talked about it with Fernando Alcalà, a Barcelona-based street art photographer who attends Urvanity since its first edition back in 2017.

Street art has grown a lot in the last years and the relationship between the street, working in the studio and the galleries has become super close. Almost everyone out there is working both ways, studio and mural interventions. Sometimes working in the streets can be a great marketing tool for helping the artists to be better known and increasing their sales. In this sense, I think that Urvanity is very interesting, because some of the artists that are exhibiting in the fair are also painting walls outside, so you can check their work out at a big scale, in the streets, and then go to the Urvanity venue and take a look to their studio work: it’s all very organic.

Fernando Alcalà, street art photographer
Solo Show Okuda San Miguel by IQOS, Urvanity 2019

Fernando also collaborates with Barcelona’s urban art center B-Murals. This cultural project supports artists by organising mural interventions, artistic residences, conferences and exhibitions. B-Murals has recently opened an art gallery to further help artists with their career and Urvanity 2020 will be their first art fair.

For us, evolving to a gallery was kind of a natural step to do: we bring artists down to Barcelona, they produce artwork to show -always in cooperation with different grassroots organizations, especially when there’s public artwork involved-… so the logical further step was to sell it, in order to help the project be alive, as well as the artist.

Xavi, B-Murals Art Gallery
Moments from Urvanity 2019
Moments from Urvanity 2019

B-Murals Art Gallery was chosen to be part of Urvanity’s curated program Young Galleries, a new addition to the art fair’s extensive agenda. Young Galleries aims at giving visibility to new innovative proposals by young spaces, next to approximately 30 galleries and more than 90 artists that will assist this 4th edition of the Spanish art fair.

In addition to the art fair, Urvanity 2020 also promotes its special project Urvanity Mahou Walls (programme here) through site-specific interventions in the public space in Madrid and inside the fair. The artists selected to take part to the 2020 edition of this project are: Dunja Jankovic, Samuel Salcedo, Abel Iglesias and Laurence Vallieres.

Marat Morik Madrid
Marat Morik’s mural in Madrid, Urvanity 2019

Moreover, a complete programme of talks and roundtables will take place during the fair: Urvanity Mahou Talks (programme here).

I’m really looking forward to attend some conferences during Urvanity Talks 2020: Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada (the ‘Fragment’ series creative process is unbelievable…), Martha Cooper, the one about media… Arcadi Poch has done a great work curating the talks… Another thing I’m looking forward to during Urvanity 2020 is shooting with Nico Romero and Anna Barriga.

Fernando Alcalà, street art photographer

Urvanity isn’t simply an art fair, but a platform connecting people researching, producing, photographing, exhibiting and otherwise being active through all the different realms of New Contemporary Art. 

Cayetana Cuyas, Galeria Manuel Ojeda, Urvanity 2020

Urvanity is a great meeting point. I love to spend some time with old friends in there and meeting new people for the 1st time. I like the atmosphere and hanging out there. I also like to exchange information about new projects and discovering new artists. It’s very nice to have an event as Urvanity happening in Spain. There was a gap here and Urvanity has filled it. The Urvanity crew works hard and they’ve always been super nice with me, specially Victoria, Sergio and Juncal, which is no longer in the team. So, big props for them. Urvanity is a perfect excuse for visiting Madrid, which is a city that I love, see some friends and share a couple of beers.

Fernando Alcalà, street art photographer

Urvanity 2020: The Galleries 

  • 3 Punts Galeria (Barcelona)
  • Antonio Colombo (Milán)
  • Artrust (Melano)
  • BienCuadrado (Barcelona)
  • B-Murals (Barcelona)
  • Cerquone Projects (Caracas/Madrid)
  • Duran Monkey Gallery (Madrid)
  • Fousion Gallery (Barcelona)
  • Furiosa Gallery (Madrid)
  • Galeria Casa Cuadrada (Bogota/Zurich)
  • Galeria Manuel Ojeda (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
  • Galerie Barrou Planquart (Montlignon)
  • GKo (Tolosa)
  • Happy Gallery (Paris)
  • HEARTBEATS (Mexico)
  • Huntress of Art (Madrid)
  • Joël Knafo (París)
  • La Causa Galeria (Madrid)
  • Le Feuvre & Roze (Paris)
  • MAGMA gallery (Bolonia)
  • McCaig-Welles (New York)
  • Montana Gallery Barcelona (Barcelona)
  • PADRE Gallery (New York)
  • Pantocrator Gallery (Barcelona/Suzhou)
  • StolenSpace Gallery (London)
  • Swinton Gallery (Madrid)
  • The Roger Project (New York)
  • Vicolo Folletto Gallery (Reggio Emilia)
  • Yusto/Giner (Marbella)

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