7 Best Murals of the Month: January 2020

best murals January 2020 mundano

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: RUN and Basik joined forces in Florence, Mundano honored all the lives lost in one of the worse environmental crimes of Brazilian history and more. The list is in a random order.

best murals run Basik Florence


The theme of this mural painted by RUN and Basik was proposed by local people, who wanted to celebrate the opening of a community gym that will teach boxing to the kids living in this suburban area of Florence. The two artists interpreted such request through an artwork about struggling and the many contests / contrasts of life, in which their two characteristic styles are put one next to the other in a ‘simultaneous contrast’. The project was curated by Street Levels Gallery.   

Photo by Cosimo Lombardelli

Best murals Insane51


A classic Insane51 piece painted for Street Prints 2020, a festival that takes place in New Zealand. The Greek artist Insane51 creates double exposure 3D murals that come to life through the characteristic red and blue glasses. Titled “State of Peace”, this mural portraits graffiti writer Askew One.

Photo by Insane51


Still at Street Prints 2020 festival, Irish artist Fin Dac created a rare mural painted entirely with brushes. We loved the ‘sketch’ feel, which leaves the original color of the wall at the center of the composition, gifting the image with a poetic fading effect.

Photo by Fin Dac

Best murals Maya Hayuk 1UP crew


This collaboration between the infamous graffiti crew 1UP and the Ukrainian-American artist Maya Hayuk was painted during the “Blank Canvas Initiative” in Puerto Rico. Here Maya’s symmetrical compositions in psychedelic colors are less abstract than usual: rather, they compose the crew name 1UP, which stands for One United Power.  

Photo by Martha Cooper

Does best murals January 2020


Dutch graffiti writer Does painted this great letter piece in Vegas as part of Mural Oasis mural project. Does pushed traditional letterform towards abstract art, by making his letters fluid, dynamic and full of energy.

Photo by Luke Shirlaw

Mundano best murals


Brazilian artist and activist Mundano painted this 12-store building in Sao Paulo to honor and immortalize all the lives lost in one of the worse environmental crimes of Brazilian history: when the city of Brumadinho-MG was devastated by a sea of toxic mud (January 25th 2019). The mud filled with heavy metals and high levels of toxicity dragged anything that was on the way, including almost 300 people who lost their lives that day. The mural was realized using mud from the lake bed of Paraopeba river to produce different paint tones. Mundano’s “Operários de Brumadinho” (“Brumadinho’s workers”) is a powerful version of the canvas “Operários”, from the great brazilian modernist artist, Tarsila do Amaral.

Photo by Mundano

Bond Truluv best murals January 2020


The German street artist Bond Truluv painted this mural to wish everybody a peaceful 2020. The piece mixes lettering with geometric elements and peace symbols to form Bond’s iconic optical illusions.

Photo by Bond Truluv

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