7 Best Murals of the Month: December 2019

Best Murals December 2019

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: INO and Dale Grimshaw painted on Miami’s disadvantaged schools, Alex Face revealed our vulnerability through his iconic character Mardi and more. The list is in a random order.

INO murals Miami

#1 INO 

Every December, the street art community gathers in Miami. The streets of Wynwood get a massive makeover: it was hard to pick our favorite walls. However, this piece by Greek artist INO really stood out. It was painted for the RAW project, which brings art education to Wynwood’s elementary and middle schools, whose students live below the poverty line. As the artist wrote: “Art for the children, not for sale. This mural was made on a school for the RAW project, while the commercial circus was going on for the Miami art basel 2019. Miami is not only what you see on postcards” 


Photo by INO

Dale Grimshaw murals Miami


Yet another mural realized in Wynwood Miami for the RAW project: “World on Fire” by English artist Dale Grimshaw. The artwork is dedicated to the Melanesian people fighting for independence in West Papua. Dale Grimshaw has become involved with the political struggle to free West Papua from Indonesian occupation. Through a series of vibrant portraits of threatened indigenous people, the English artist is raising awareness for the genocide in West Papua. 


Photo by Robert William de los Rios 

1UP crew murals Miami


The legendary graffiti crew 1UP could not miss such important gathering. While in Miami, they painted “One United World Piece”. The mural is quite different from their usual, illegal production. In Miami they took their time to draw a hyper-detailed piece inspired by the videogame Super Mario: a world map that is also a retrospective on their work. 


Photo by 1UP

Ricky Lee Gordon Murals


Painted in Panjim for ST+Art Goa 2019, “An Offering” is the latest mural by South African artist Ricky Lee Gordon. The artwork is inspired by the movement and gesture of two fishermen at sunrise, which the artist saw working a fishnet at Dona Paula beach. Visually depicting the ethos of Goa, this monochromatic mural shows the poetic movement of the water. At the bottom of the mural the artist wrote: “A sacred gesture, The beautiful dance, A cycle of existence, Reverence for this life, An offering…” Ricky Lee Gordon draws his inspiration from meditation and Buddhism. 


Photo by Ricky Lee Gordon 

Fintan Magee murals


Fintan Magee painted “Freefall” at Mural Oasis festival in Primm (Nevada). Inspired by William Robinson’s paintings, the mural explores how the idealized and romanticized image of the cowboy influenced the American outlook towards capitalism and colonialism. In this mural, the Australian artist combined the imagery of the cowboy with cartoon from the 2008 financial crash and images of jumpers on 9/11, stressing how neo-liberalism made America a country pervaded by anger, resentment, wealth inequality and dysfunction. 


Photo by Fintan Magee 

Okuda San Miguel murals


Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel painted this mural for Desigual’s flagship store in New York City. With his iconic, multicolored characters he reinterpreted the Statue of Liberty as a statue of all cultures. A tribute to diversity, freedom and multiculturalism like many other pop surrealist murals that Okuda painted all around the world. Okuda’s art is a mix of geometric shapes derived from his letters and typefaces inspired by ancient cultures from Asia, India and Mexico. 


Photo credits: Courtesy of Desigual 

Alex Face murals


Thai artist Alex Face painted one of his iconic bunnies in Pai (Thailand). The bunny Mardi, which was initially inspired by his daughter, represents the feeling of confronting a troubled world as a vulnerable child. A rabbit is a victim and Alex Face’s bunnies are babies worrying about the future -theirs and of the planet. In this piece, which is titled “Life is Short”, Mardi hunted a smaller rabbit.  


Photo by Axel Face



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