7 Best Murals of the Month: November 2019

Best murals November 2019

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Sonny celebrates the repopulation of black bears in Arkansas, JR shares the stories of California’s maximum security prisoners and more. The list is in a random order.

Artez mural November 2019


Street artist Artez has just painted this mural in his hometown of Belgrade. Titled “Aim for the stars”, the mural shows how the Serbian artist has transformed photorealism through illustration and through the use of his -now iconic- pastel tones. The mural was painted for Downtown Runaway Festival.

Photo by Artez 

Alex Senna mural November 2019


Alex Senna is a Brazilian street artist well-known for his black-and-white murals recalling comics. He is color blind, so monochromatic pieces have become his trademark over the years, although he also enjoys painting some vivid murals now and then, like this one he just did in Sao Paulo. It depicts people buying balloons, which is a common scene in the neighborhood of Itaquera. It was painted for Projecto Grafiti School, a project of art intervention in public school.  

Photo by Alex Senna 

Sainer mural November 2019


We love Sainer’s charcoal style and this mural he just did in St. Malo (France) does do it justice. The Polish artist usually indulges in this style when he needs to take a break from his vivid illustrations on walls. Unlike his usual murals, especially the ones he paints together with Bezt (under the duo name Etam Cru), this style is extremely simple: a black line and a color palette suggested by the original background of the wall. In this way, the artwork perfectly matches with the surrounding area. 

Photo by Vinny Cornelli 

 Sonny mural November 2019


Sonny’s latest mural “Resilience” celebrates the black bear. Arkansas region is known as “The Bear State”: in the past hunters and loggers brought the number of local black bears down to 25, but the state put an end to bear hunting and reintroduced new bears from Minnesota and Manitoba, which repopulated the region up to 3000 bears. Sonny, who usually paints murals to report the dramatic conditions of endangered wildlife species, wanted to share a ‘success story’ for a change, and spread a bit of hope across our damaged planet.  

Photo by Sonny 

Jofre Oliveras mural November 2019 


“Terrorist Grandma” was painted on the walls of Nau Bostik (Barcelona) to build up to the opening of Tàpia, a group show on neo-realism curated by Axel Void. This mural shows the situation of a city where political conflicts go against innocent people. “When the state names terrorists its citizens the real terrorist is the state” says artist Jofre Oliveras

Photo by Jofre Oliveras

Case mural November 2019

#6 CASE 

German artist Case MaClaim has just painted this mural in Cancun (Mexico) for Proyecto Panorama. Titled “Los Coyotes”, the artwork was prompted by the recurrence of United Nations’ universal children day. The artist portrayed three local children (Juan Pablo Perez Cruz, aged 11, Emiliano Quiñonez, aged 9 and Alexander Loria, aged 9) who go to a primary school supported by art projects like this one.

Photo by Gino Caballero

JR mural november 2019

#7 JR 

Yet another masterpiece by French artist JR, who this time has intervened on the roof of Tehachapi Maximum Security Jail in California. “It was a fascinating experience” writes JR “because nothing happens in a prison, and when those who are there are confronted with something new, it quickly becomes a highlight. They invest so much energy in it that it gets very emotional”. JR met with men working on rehabilitation and with formerly incarcerated men, their family members, prison staff and survivors of violent crime. He shared such strong experience through his social media and we couldn’t help being captured by it. JR collected all these powerful stories on his app ‘JR Murals’.  

Photo by JR

Enjoy the video:

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