Prepare your tools for NO AD Day

No Ad Day street art today

Yes, it’s that time of the year. Black Friday approaches and adbusters from all over the world get their keys ready to take over ad spaces in their cities and fight for our rights to public space.  

Have you ever stopped wondering what your neighborhood will look like if all ads were removed? Will you feel less stressed by the continuous pressure to buy the newest phone? Or perhaps less anxious about your body? 

And what would you like to see on display, in the place where ads used to be? A drawing? A poster? A poetry? 

No Ad Day street art today

Nobody asked us permission for using the public space -which belongs to everybody- for advertising and commercial media. Everybody should have the right to communicate messages in the public space in which we inhabit. Likewise, we have the right not to be constantly advertised at. 

No Ad Day street art today

Taking back our public space is the goal of No Ad Day, a civil disobedience act began in 2014 and happening every Black Friday. Participants would remove advertising from the light boxes installed in the public spaces, often replacing them with an artwork or a ‘subvert’, which is an alteration of an existing ad. 

No Ad Day street art today

Artist Bill Posters put up a Brandalism guidebook covering all you need to know to hijack a billboard, from obtaining the key that opens the lightbox at the bus stop to creating a branded hi vis uniform, which will allow you to hide in plain sight by simulating the behaviour of the workers that install the ads in the first place. Ad hackers, in fact, use the same tools than advertising agencies. They also share the same marketing strategies. 

No Ad Day street art today

Get your keys for making our public space more democratic and don’t forget to share a photo of the empty bus shelter with the hashtag #NOADday


All photos are by Peter Grünheim

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