Greg Jager first solo show is like a storm

greg jager exhibition

“Tempesta” (storm, in Italian) is the title of Greg Jager’s first solo show. It takes place at 206 Art Gallery in Bari (Italy). The exhibition disturbs the gallery environment and brings disorder into it, like a storm would.

greg jager exhibition

Greg Jager is an Italian artist that entered the gallery without betraying his background in graffiti. His production evolved from trainbombing to abstract art through a constant effort in erasing borders: between paintings and sculptures, but also between graffiti writing and contemporary art. From his background, Greg kept the emotional tension that pervades his artworks and the use of spray-cans, albeit only marginally.  

greg jager exhibition

“Tempesta”, until December 8th at 206 Art Gallery in Bari (Italy)

Like a storm that violently sucks in all the elements that are in front of it, and transforms them into something new by deconstructing and reconstructing reality, through endless possibilities, leaving the viewer the honor and the burden of finding an interpretation, provided there is only one

This is how Rome’s legendary rapper and graffiti writer Amir Issaa described “Tempesta”, Greg Jager’s solo show in Bari. The artworks on display are inspired by the urban context of the city of Bari. 

The artist analyzed the architecture of Bari’s Russian Orthodox Church, which was designed in 1913 by Aleksej Viktorovič Ščusev. From this unique architecture, Greg Jager derived graphic elements and geometrical forms that he transposed on canvas, along with the basic color palette of the church.  

greg jager exhibition

Paying attention to the surroundings is definitely something that comes from Greg Jager’s background. Street artists are usually very aware of the context where they paint: not only they must be, to avoid being caught when painting illegally, but also they often have the urge to create something meaningful for the local community. 

Typically, street artists incorporate the surrounding environment into their canvases, unlike contemporary artists that only work in the studio. An operation that Greg Jager considers similar to a storm that brings disorder into a gallery’s sterile setting. 

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