Tàpia, a group show on neo-realism in Barcelona

tàpia exhibition Barcelona

Featuring 24 street artists, the show “Tàpia” opens on November 16th at Barcelona’s Nau Bostik. 

A group of 24 street artists that specialize in neo-realism (a trend that, through the classical pictorial techniques, is able to reinterpretate mural art where the magic realism, the daily life and the tradition appear as the main theme) has been selected by one the most representative artists in figurative urban art: Axel Void

Strongly influenced by classical painting, Axel Void is one of the most talented street artists in the neo-realism scene. He has painted touching murals about our contemporary society all over the world, making neorealism stand out as one of the most appreciated movements in contemporary urban art.  

Street Art Today Axel Void SAT7 October 2018

Axel Void has invited his fellow street artists that excel in figurativism and classical and avantguard realism to contribute to a show on the tradition of daily life, the questionable routines of the society and the ironies and contradictions of the human conditions. 

Milu Correch

Artwork by Milu Correch

Tàpia, from November 16th at Nau Bostik (Barcelona)

“Tàpia” is the Catalan word for a wall that gets filled with random elements to divide rooms provisionally, but also permanently. These spaces are often abandoned or disused. The exhibition underlines the playful interaction between restrictions and the opportunities -in terms of urban art- that often arise from these limitations. Tàpia opens a discussion on the use of collective spaces and the values at the core of an art-form made for the public community. 


Artwork by Faith47

Moreover, three mural interventions -respectively by Axel Void, Jofre Oliveras and Fafa Marquez- on the walls of Nau Bostik will build up to the opening of the exhibition.

Fafa Marquez

Artwork by Fafa Marquez

Tàpia group show: the Artists

Alberto Montes | Ana Barriga | Ana Langeheldt (Lahe178) | Axel Void | Elisa Capdevila | Emilio Cerezo | Fafa Marquez | Faith XLVII | Filio Galvez | Franco Fasoli (Jaz) | Hyuro | Ivan Floro | Jofre Oliveras | Laguna | L.E.O. | Sekone | Milu Correch | Mr Kern | Sainer | SatOne | Sebas Velasco | Yaro Crow | Zoer | Helen Bur

Tàpia is organized by B-Murals projects

Vernissage: November 16th 2019 at 6pm 

Until February 2020 at Nau Bostik, Barcelona 

Free entrance 


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