7 best murals of the month: October 2019

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Phlegm tributes Renaissance master Bruegel, Spidertag brightens up a Finnish village, Obey paints his 100th mural and more. The list is in a random order.

Akue Best Mural October 2019

#1 AKUE 

While he worked on this mural in Apatity (Russia), Anatoly Akue was inspired by a trip to Oslo he had back in 2016. Since then, the Russian artist has created a series of artworks inspired by the power and the deep symbols of the sculptures he saw in Oslo’s Vigeland Park. The gesture depicted here also references to the Tibetan way of blessing and empowering people, hence the title: “Blessing”. Akue often incorporates Buddhist philosophy and images into his artworks, next to influences he gets from his background in graffiti. 

Photo by Anatoly Akue

Phlegm Best Mural October 2019


Painted on the facade of the Royal Library of Belgium in Bruxelles, Phlegm’s latest mural is inspired by the exhibition that is currently going on inside that same building: “The world of Bruegel in black and white”. The English artist painted a mural tribute to the Renaissance master in his intricate, monochromatic style, which recalls Bruegel’s engravings. Moreover, Phlegm created his own engraving inspired by Bruegel’s art. It can be seen next to Bruegel’s entire print collection at the Royal Library of Belgium until February 2020. 

Photo by The Crystal Ship

Spidertag Best Mural October 2019


“Interactive Neon Mural #6” is a stunning artwork made with neon cables by Spidertag for Upeart festival 2019. The artist began using neon tubes in 2016. The design of this mural recalls Finnish minimalism, while the colors were specifically chosen to brighten up Iisalmi’s cold winter. Moreover, by using a downloadable app and a QR code, passersby can interact with the mural.  

Photo by Spidertag

Pixelpancho Best Mural October 2019


Titled “Garden Boy”, this huge mural created by Italian artist Pixelpacho in Texas is an ode to Mother Nature and a call to get involved with it. Unlike many of his artworks featuring men merging with machines, and robots merging with nature, in this massive piece on two facades of a 17-story building in Dallas both the human and the robotic element are less predominant than usual, and Nature appears to be more self-sufficient.  

Photo by Chop Em Down Films

Fintan Magee Best Mural October 2019


‘Life Raft’ is a new mural painted by Australian artist Fintan Magee in Can Picafort (Mallorca, Spain) for Saladina Art Fest 2019. This mural is a poetic representation of the concept of ying and yang. It depicts two men on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, which makes the artwork perfectly integrated with the landscape of the island. 

Photo by Joan Aguilo 

Paola Delfin Best Mural October 2019


Produced by Upeart, this mural by the Mexican artist Paola Delfin is inspired by the warm community living in the neighbourhood, who welcomed her as part of the family. It shows three generations of women living in the area. The youngest is born here from a woman who could call this place “home” after having escaped a war in her country. The oldest is a lady who lives here since the construction of this building; she witnessed the development of the area and enjoyed to engage in making it better. 

Photo by Sami Kallioniemi

Obey Best Mural October 2019

#7 OBEY 

Congratulations to Obey, who has just completed his 100th mural! Painted in Providence, it anticipates the opening of the show “Facing the Giant: three decades of dissent” in Rhode Island. Featuring a curated selection of key works from the last 30 years, this anniversary show is currently going on a world tour with the artist, who paints a new mural as he hits a different city.  

Photo by Obey


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