7 Best Murals of the Month: September 2019


Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Jofre Oliveras comments on the refugees crisis, Etnik completes his series inspired by the Platonic geometry, Faith47 encourages us to stay positive and more. The list is in a random order.



This mural by Italian artist Etnik completes his current series inspired by the Platonic geometry. Each mural was painted in a different country: this one was realized in Paris, the city where the related exhibition “Solid Metaphors” will inaugurate in December (GCA Gallery). “σύμπαν” represents the ‘universe’ element, which Plato sees as made of “constellations and heavens”. The shape at the centre of the artwork represents the Dodecahedron, which is the geometrical symbol of the universe according to Plato.

Photo by Etnik



Painted in Oviedo during Parees festival, this mural by Vask artist Udatxo is inspired by the surrounding neighborhood. Using an old photo as reference, the artwork poetically reflects on the flowing of time and its influence on the space around us. The figure at the centre of the composition is a self-portrait: it represents the artist contemplating an old postcard of the area.

Photo by Ferdinand Alcala



Brazilian artist L7Matrix painted one of his iconic birds in the small town of Moissy-Cramayel. The mural was curated by Wall Street Art Festival, a project that brings world-famous urban artists to the area of Grand Paris Sur. The artist chose to represent a bird from this region: the Bergeronnette (wagtail), whose original plumage is always grey, black and white. However, this Bergeronnette isn’t like any other wagtail birds; rather, its plumage is enriched by L7Matrix’s iconic explosion of bright colors.

Photo by L7Matrix



Made during Nuart festival 2019, “Beholders” by Spanish artist Jofre Oliveras critically reflects on refugee crisis. Painted in his typical photorealistic style, the mural critiques the way the media and the art world are addressing this crucial issue. By stressing how both artists and the general public are passive observers of this critical situation, Jofre states that simply spectating -rather than actively helping- isn’t enough.

Photo by Giulia Blocal



South African artist Faith XVLII has just completed this 11.000 square foot mural in Philadelphia. It invites us to get inspired by the challenges we find in our lives, rather than beaten down. Produced by Mural Arts Philadelphia, “The Silent Watcher” by Faith XVLII is an invitation to optimism. It reads: “Optimism is a strategy for making a better future”, a quote by philosopher Noam Chomsky -who was born in Philadelphia and is 91 years old this year.

Photo by Steve Weini



Painted in Ragusa for FestiWall, this piece by Polish stencil artist M-City is part of a series of works dedicated to the world of the titans, semi-human protagonists of a world in decline. In M-City’s words: “In the desolation of distant lands, a carriage proceeds to check the fortifications, under the watchful eye of the Lord. Some slaves pull the carriage, others repair the cages, with their work they are changing the world, living hidden behind the walls corrupted by time in search of energy among the mechanical residues of civilization. The simple human eye cannot grasp the omnivorous lust of the corporations, it can, at most, be a part of them, as a final consumer. This is the condition of our times”

Photo by M-City



Back at Pow! Wow! Rotterdam, the Dutch edition of the international street art festival Pow! Wow!, local artist Super A painted one of his iconic ribbon pieces. The series explores ordinary humans and creatures trapped within their pop culture depiction. In this case, we can see a ‘normal’ child trapped within a well-recognizable representation of Pinocchio. The series is about the lens we inevitably use when we look at the world around us; as a result, we often perceive reality through easily digestible cartoons.

Photo by Giulia Blocal 


Header photo by M-City

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