7 best murals of the month: August 2019

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: SAN reflects about the role of public art, Case pays homage to working women, Obey invites us to respect the planet and more. The list is in a random order.

Vesod best murals August 2019


Italian artist Vesod painted this massive mural for the festival Urban Morphogenesis (Moscow Region). Inspired by Italian Futurism and Renaissance Art, Vesod’s style is between abstract and figurative. Time is frozen into Vesod’s shattered, crystallized figures. First he deconstructs them, then he overlaps the different visual layers through bright geometric abstractions. His compositions suggest a strong sense of movement, a dynamism that is accurately created through the harmonization of proportions. Although he began painting in the streets with graffiti writing (in the late 1990s), he only uses brushes and wall paint for his murals.  

Photo by Andrew Gubenko

SAN best murals August 2019

#2 SAN

Invited in Ordes (Galicia) by the festival Desordes Creativas, Spanish artist Daniel Muñoz (a.k.a. SAN) painted a meaningful piece about writing and drawing in the streets. Titled “Jerga”, this artwork is a manifesto about the creative process in the public space. On the facade of the building, SAN wrote “Talking about the public space from up here is like taking pictures of the breath, an act that poisons and purifies: between the raw and the burned…” Once again, his work establishes a dialogue about the sociological discourse of contemporary art with all kinds of person who might walk past his mural. 

Photo by SAN

Case best murals August 2019


German artist Case (from Ma’Claim Crew) was invited by Wallpapered City to Milwaukee (Wisconsin), an American city of German origin. The artist painted on the PH Dye building, which used to house a hosiery-dyeing business back in the 1920s. The mural pays homage to the women who used to dye nylons in this very building and to the many women who work in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward today. 

Photo by B4 Flight

Obey best murals August 2019


Painted in Vancouver, Obey’s latest “Earth Justice” mural is a “call to respect and nurture the planet with the understanding that our individual and collective actions dramatically impact current and future generations”. Hence, these massive broken chains invite us to move away from our current patterns of consumption, which proved to be unsustainable. 

Photo by Jon Furlong

Hyuro best murals August 2019


Powered by Cultuur Ghent, this mural by Hyuro is about things we don’t want to see, namely the refugees crisis. Europe has turned a blind eye on it and, similarly, the blanket depicted in this mural can be seen as a remote control. When people watch television, they can decide at any time to look away from difficult situations. Still, through her work Hyuro wants to bring our attention back to these social and political issues that must not be overlooked.   

Photo by Hyuro

Helen Bur best murals August 2019


Painted in Ljusdal (Sweden) for Artscape festival, this diptych by English artist Helen Bur represents opposites in balance: a polarity between two opposing but co-existing forces or feelings that we can carry within us. Likewise, our controlled and composed -albeit restricted- side counterbalances our irrepressible longing to freedom, escape and release.  

Photo by Helen Bur

Alex Senna best murals August 2019


Still from Moscow’s Urban Morphogenesis festival is this mural by Brazilian artist Alex Senna. Inspired by the graffiti scene of his hometown of Sao Paulo, Alex Senna brought to the streets a peculiar, black-and-white style that originates from his color blindness. Alex Senna’s silhouette-like characters are expressions of human relations and of his poetic insights. 

Photo by Alex Senna 


Header photo by Fredrik Åkerberg

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