Pow! Wow! is back in Rotterdam

pow! wow! Rotterdam 2019

Pow! Wow! Rotterdam 2019: From 8th to 15th of September, national and international street artists will be painting over Rotterdam’s Afrikaanderwijk neighborhood.

Pow! Wow! street art festival is an international format that began in Hawaii in 2011. Bustling in many countries all around the world, since last year the renowned street art festival takes place also in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) as the main event of Rotterdam’s street culture event.

pow! wow! Rotterdam 2019

Pow! Wow! Rotterdam 2019 will host national and international street artists to paint large-scale murals around Rotterdam’s Afrikaanderwijk neighborhood. Here is the full artists line-up: Telmo Miel (NL), Smug (UK), Dourone (ES), Super A (NL), L7Matrix (BR), Saïd Kinos (NL), Danny Rumbl (NL), Helen Proctor (AU), Woes (US), Didier Jaba Mathieu (SG) and Nina Valkho (NL). Next to the murals, London’s Slinkachu will “abandon” his iconic miniatures and American Spenser Little will realize his unique wire works.

pow! wow! Rotterdam 2019

In addition to art, the festival will also feature sport and music, with a great DJ line-up including Coely, Snelle, Not3s, Zwangere Guy, Amartey, Kay- Slice, Sammie Sedano and HUNNA Soundsystem.

pow! wow! Rotterdam 2019

Moreover the festival will host once again the successful event “20 Vans 30 Cans” (September 15th), when 20 vans will be turned into unique moving artworks. The registrations, both for van owners and artists who want to paint the vans, are now open!

pow wow Rotterdam 2019


More information about Pow! Wow! Rotterdam 2019 at: http://www.powwowrotterdam.nl



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