NDSM Urban Arts Square: Cix Mugre

Cix Mugre Kings Spray 2019

Cix Mugre created a massive piece at the 4th edition of Kings Spray, a festival curated by Street Art Today. The artwork is now on display at the NDSM Urban Arts Square in Amsterdam Noord, together with the other installations made during Kings Spray.

“Evolucion” is the new artwork by Mexican artist Cix Mugre. He painted it during Kings Spray festival, enlightening a rainy Dutch day with his bright, psychedelic colors.

cix mugre

Cix Mugre at work. Photo by Paolo Giannotti

The piece is born as an exercise based on the subconscious: one shape led me to the next one, without putting too much thoughts into the ‘meaning’. However, once I finished the piece, I did look for its ‘mental evolution’ and noticed that the style evolved through pure surrealism, but with a structure based on circles

Cix Mugre

Cix Mugre sketching his piece at Kings Spray 2019. Photo by Marco Buddingh

The artwork is also inspired by the psychological phenomenon of ‘pareidolia’, through which we perceive patterns and recognizable shapes within random data. Some people, like Cix, are more inclined to this than others –which apparently is a sign of good health of the human brain.

cix mugre

“Evolucion”, detail. Photo by Marco Buddingh

Cix Mugre has been painting graffiti since the 1990s and he now travels all around the world to create pop-psychedelic murals strongly influenced by Mexican art.

cix mugre

Almost done! Photo by Marco Buddingh

His artworks are often inspired by his mixed roots: his father is chinanteco, while his mother is zapoteca. He also draws from his personal experiences, which he mixes with the misticism of Mexican and pre-hispanic symbols.

cix mugre

“Evolucion” by Cix Mugre. Photo by Marco Buddingh

Self-tought urban artist, Cix Mugre focuses his work on surrealism, mysticism and pre-hispanic culture, using bold textures and colors. When he is not travelling around the world to attend street art festivals, he works as a tattoo artist in Mexico City.

cix mugre

Cix Mugre in action. Photo by Paolo Giannotti

Cix Mugre’s artwork is now visible on the newly formed NDSM Urban Arts Square in Amsterdam Noord.


Header photo by Martine Kiers


Watch the aftermovie of Kings Spray festival


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