Trezeforever: Malakkai x Karski & Beyond

Kings Spray 2019 Malakkai Karski Beyond

Karski & Beyond teamed up with Malakkai at the 4th edition of Kings Spray, a festival curated by Street Art Today. The artwork is now on display at the NDSM Urban Arts Square in Amsterdam Noord, together with the other installations made during Kings Spray.

“#Trezeforever” is a moving tribute to graffiti artist Treze painted by his friends Malakkai, Karski and Beyond at Kings Spray 2019.

Trezeforever Kings Spray 2019

#Trezeforever. Photo by Paolo Giannotti

Spanish artist Malakkai joined forces with the Dutch duo Karski & Beyond to paint a memorial to their common friend and acclaimed graffiti artist Treze.

Trezeforever Kings Spray 2019

The sketch. Photo by Marco Buddingh

The three of us –Malakkai, Beyond and me- were good friend of artist Treze, who passed away a bit more than one year ago. Here at Kings Spray we painted a tribute to him as a friend and a super-talented artist. We used Treze’s colours, our double exposure and Malakkai’s style, mixing it all with Treze’s typical bird and female face

Trezeforever Kings Spray 2019

The three artists working together. Photo by Paolo Giannotti

Karski and Malakkai told us they first met at Treze’s funeral; when they found out they were going to paint next to each other at Kings Spray 2019 they had no doubt about the subject.

Malakkai Kings Spray 2019

About Malakkai’s process. Photo by Marco Buddingh.

Barcelona graffiti artist Treze (1986 – 2018) used to paint female faces and animals. He harmoniously combined these iconic figures with classic graffiti lettering. However, his signature features were his soft-coloured palette and his delicate outline. Through these, he mastered a watercolour wash technique that didn’t disdain bold fatcap effect.

Malakkai Kings Spray 2019

Detail of Malakkai’s piece. Photo by Marco Buddingh

Malakkai: He has been fond of drawing since his childhood, but began painting graffiti ‘only’ in 2000. His favorite subjects are female figures and weird animals, which he paints in a colorful yet soft style recalling watercolors. His painted humorous yet melancholic works in many cities all around the world.

Karski Kings Spray 2019

Karski at work. Photo by Martine Kiers

Karski & Beyond: The muralists ‘Karski & Beyond’ specialize in realistic, highly detailed murals with a vivid color combination. With a background in graphic design, fine arts and graffiti, they have been depicting ‘visual’ stories onto walls since 2012.

Beyond Kings Spray 2019

Beyond at work. Photo by Marco Buddingh


The artwork is now visible on the newly formed NDSM Urban Arts Square in Amsterdam Noord.


Header photo by Martine Kiers 


Watch the aftermovie of Kings Spray Festival 2019


Many thanks to our partners and friends: IJ-hallen, Aruba Tourism, Stichting NDSM, Montana Cans, Groove Proof DJ Bus, Old Boys on Vinyl, Papa Tio and all volunteers.

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