NDSM: Balstrøm, Marchena and Solognier

At the Aruba Art Square, Balstrøm created a massive piece for the 4th edition of Kings Spray, a festival curated by Street Art Today. Next to it, a piece by Marchena and Solognier celebrates the idillic Aruba island. The artworks are now on display at the NDSM Urban Arts Square in Amsterdam Noord, together with the other installations made during Kings Spray.

Balstrøm: It has been awesome to paint at Kings Spray! I did a fantasy version of the Aruban pirate story of the ship that became a fireball. I had a good time painting it


Balstrøm at work. Photo by Martine Kiers

The Danish graffiti writer Balstrøm painted a massive artwork telling the folklore story of Keito and Catiri.


Balstrøm with his assistant I.am.Omaw. Photo by Marco Buddingh

Coming from Copenhagen’s epic commune “Christiania”, Balstrøm is a graffiti artist well known for his vivid style and realistic characters. His murals always convey a strong energy that unfolds from the wall to the viewers.


Balstrøm climbing up. Photo by Martine Kiers

We asked him to interpret Aruba’s folklore story of Keito and Catiri, which he did on a large mural that delimited Kings Spray’s Aruba Art Square, titled “An Aruban pirate story”


Balstrøm signing off. Photo by Paolo Giannotti

Besides the live painting of Balstrøm’s mural, at the Aruba Art Square you could find DJ Djarzino. Carnival dancers have shaken their colorful feathers on his Caribbean vibes. Carnival is Aruba’s main celebration; it originated in San Nicolas, which is also the main street art hotspot of the island.


Caribbean dancers. Photo by Marco Buddingh

To street art in San Nicolas we dedicated a photo exhibition featuring our Top 5 favorite street art murals in Aruba, while we tributed Aruba’s rock art through a hands-on workshop for children of all ages.


Rock Art workshop. Photo by Marco Buddingh

Yet one more artwork was created at the Aruba Art Square by Aruban street artists Garrick Marchena and Robert Solognier. They painted a mural inspired by the ancient history and unique fauna of the island.


A tribute to the beautiful island of Aruba. Photo by Paolo Giannotti

Garrick Marchena: Our piece is a homage to what makes Aruba special. Right now I’m sketching a prikichi, the bird that is one of the national symbols of Aruba. I will do the sky, while Robert will paint the sea. These are the two best things of the island we come from: the beautiful ocean and the colorful birds in the sky

Garrick Marchena

Garrick Marchena at work. Photo by Martine Kiers

Robert Solognier

Robert Solognier at work. Photo by Martine Kiers

These artworks are now visible on the newly formed NDSM Urban Arts Square in Amsterdam Noord.


Header photo by Marco Buddingh  


Watch the aftermovie of Kings Spray Festival 2019


Many thanks to our partners and friends: IJ-hallen, Aruba Tourism, Stichting NDSM, Montana Cans, Groove Proof DJ Bus, Old Boys on Vinyl, Papa Tio and all volunteers.

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