7 Best Murals of the Month: June 2019

best murals june 2019

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Millo reminds us of the importance of trust, Aryz pushes his new style even further, Etnik collaborates with Italian graffiti writer Made514 and more. The list is in a random order.

Etnik best murals June 2019
#1 ETNIK and MADE514

Italian artist Etnik put his characteristic abstract shapes to the side for his latest mural, which he painted in Randers together with Made514, an Italian graffiti writer active since the early 1990s. Here, Etnik skillfully depicted the historical buildings and the architectural landmarks of Denmark’s sixth-largest city. They fluctuate into the dense water of the Gudenå River, which was painted by Made514.

Photo by Etnik

sepe best murals June 2019


Polish artist Sepe painted “There’s no sea…” for the ‘informal’ art project Od/Blokowanie 2.0 curated by fellow artist and prolific adbuster Lump from Szczecin. With his new style that recalls watercolors, Sepe painted a beautiful mural inspired by the color palette of the neighborhood.

Photo by Sepe

Millo best murals June 2019


“Face the Ocean” by Italian muralist Millo was painted in Galicia at Carballo’s public art festival “Rexenera”. Inspired by the magnificent cliffed coast nearby, Millo represented his iconic characters in between self-confidence and trusting someone else. As the artist himself said: “In our sea journey, we both can be the ship and the lighthouse in someone else’s storm”.

Photo by Millo

Dulk best murals June 2019


At Artscape Festival Spanish artist Dulk painted the ‘skvader’, an imaginery animal that became the unofficial symbol of the Medelpad province after a taxidermist recreated it for a museum. The origin of the animal goes back to a tale hunting story by Håkan Dahlmark, who claimed to having shot one in 1874.

Photo by Dulk

Aryz best murals June 2019


A beautiful artwork painted in Angers (France) by Spanish artist Aryz who, after mastering pop-surrealism on walls all around the world, has now definitely entered a new artistic phase. After an accident that made him unable to use his index finger (thus the spray-can!), the artist began painting with brushes and rollers. The new style he developped in the latest years is rougher, more direct and rich in pastel shades.

Photo by Aryz

Li Hill best murals June 2019


“Process of Acceleration” by Aaron Li-Hill acknowledges the status of technological innovation hub to the French city of Grenoble. Likewise these figures, humans advanced through history thanks to technology. However, it’s crucial to understand how this progress towards a deeper knowledge of the world around us is used and how does it affect our lives. At the top of the wall sits an architectural drawing of Grenoble’s innovative research center in the field of particle acceleration, the ESRF.

Photo by Li-Hill

Fintan Magers best murals June 2019


Australian artist Fintan Magee painted “Structure” for Out in the Open festival in Aalborg (Denmark). It features two of his typical dissolving characters, one holding the other to prevent her from falling.

Photo by Fintan Magee

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