NUMU Festival arrives to Otavalo, Ecuador

Cix NUMU Festival

NUMU festival brings national and international artists to northern Ecuador since 2017.

The 3rd edition of NUMU festival arrives to Otavalo where, from 20 to 30 June, internationally renowned artists will “rethink” the public space. Through the realization of six murals, NUMU festival will encourage the local community to question its habitual way of perceiving and acting in its environment.

Gleo NUMU Festival 2018

Gleo / NUMU Festival 2018

The murals will be realized not only in the city of Otavalo, but also in the rural communities surrounding the world famous Taita Imbabura volcano (namely, in Atuntaqui). Both environments are equally important to accomplish NUMU’s goals: activating local communities and strengthening their sense of belonging through art.

Decertor NUMU Festival 2017

Decertor / NUMU Festival 2017


We hope that young Ecuadorian artists will be inspired and able to stand out in the context of the new mural, a contextual mural; and that this project opens a gap in the history of public art in Ecuador

– Jairo Mena, founder of NUMU festival

NUMU’s founder strongly believed that a public art festival could be held by the community and supported by the neighbors, rather than by the municipality or a public company. This was Jairo Mena’s vision back in 2014, and it encouraged him to bring up a festival that still is independent and self-managed.

L.E.O. NUMU Festival 2017

L.E.O. / NUMU Festival 2017

Thanks to this different approach, which -at the same time- looks back at the origin of muralism, NUMU festival is sustained and supported by an active community of people. Even best, they are the very same people who will enjoy the murals after the festival spotlights are turned off.


NUMU Festival 2019: The Artists

  • Alex Senna (Brazil)
  • Evoca1 (Dominican Republic)
  • Gabriela (Ecuador)
  • Matusao (Chile)
  • Pino (Ecuador)
  • Werc (Mexico)
  • Jason (Ecuador)


Header photo: Cix / NUMU festival 2018 

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