7 Best Murals of the Month: May 2019

SAT7 Best Murals May 2019

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Pejac painted inside a prison, Sonny raised awareness of the protection of the Ocean, JDL reflects on unhealthy relationships and more. The list is in a random order.

StreetArtToday Sonny SAT7 Best Murals May 2019

“Mapache’s Stare” is a powerful mural by the South African artist Sonny. It shows his long-time passion for wildlife and strong commitment to environmental causes. It depicts a pygmy raccoon, an endemic species to the island of Cozumel (Mexico). The island is critically endangered with habitat loss caused by mass tourism, namely big cruise ships. We loved the detail of the landfill in the eye of the raccoon, which points out that the local animals are powerless towards the destruction of their habitat. The only thing they can do is watching.

Photo by Above Below

StreetArtToday Seth SAT7 Best Murals May 2019
StreetArtToday Seth SAT7 Best Murals May 2019

Located in Paris’ urban art cluster, this mural by French artist Seth adds to the outstanding mural art collection of the XIIIeme arrondissement. Like most of the murals in this area, it was curated by Galerie Itinerrance, which recently showcased Seth’s production in the group show “Walking down the boulevard”. “Enter the Vortex” depicts one of Seth’s iconic children. Playful and full of wonder, they look at what us, adults, can’t see anymore. With their imagination, they escape the chaotic environment around them.

Photo by Giulia Blocal & Gallerie Itinerrance

StreetArtToday JDL SAT7 Best Murals May 2019
#3 JDL

“Alone Together” is the title of this touching mural painted by Dutch artist JDL in Patras (Greece). The piece is about unhealthy relationships, which arise between two needy partners. While they might get closer on the physical level by pulling each other’s t-shirts, they do drift away on the emotional level by covering up each other’s faces, therefore becoming unable to see the other’s emotions. We loved the detail of the boy’s pocket, which is turned inside out to stress the fact that unstable financial situations often lead to unhealthy relationships.

Photo by Judith de Leeuw

StreetArtToday Okuda SAT7 Best Murals May 2019

Okuda painted one of the first Titanes Project’s giant murals, which will be created on 10 unused silos in the province of Ciudad Real (Spain) to promote social inclusion. Okuda San Miguel is well known for his psychedelic colors and geometric patterns, which compose portraits and vibrant figures. For “Legends from La Mancha”, the artists was inspired by Almodovar’s movies and local legends like Don Quixote and the Knight Templars.

Photo by Antonio Rivera

StreetArtToday Pejac SAT7 Best Murals May 2019
StreetArtToday Pejac SAT7 Best Murals May 2019

Pejac painted three poetic interventions within the oldest prison in Spain. The Penitentiary Center of El Dueso is located in the artist’s hometown of Santander. The first one -“The shape of days”- is about perseverance. According to the artist, this is one of the most valuable virtues in prison. With the help of the inmates, Pejac painted thousands of the hash marks traditionally drawn on the walls of the cells. Moreover, he shaped them as a big tree, which recalls the forest just behind the barbed wire. Finally, two more pieces  –“Hidden Value” and “Hollow Walls”- complete this powerful, site-specific series.

Photo by Pejac

StreetArtToday ZEDZ SAT7 Best Murals May 2019

Dutch graffiti legend ZEDZ realized this massive mural in Cologne for the urban art project [re/dis]cover. Active in the streets since 1984, ZEDZ has kept his passion alive by pushing the boundaries of graffiti towards new frontiers. He explored abstract typography, architecture, street furniture and design -while staying true to the core of graffiti. In this abstract mural, sharp lines and color fields overlap to create different volumes and perspectives. As a result, the viewer is captured in the overall movement.

Photo by Georg Barringhaus

StreetArtToday Inti SAT7 Best Murals May 2019


The Chilean artist Inti painted this stunning mural for Lyon’s Peinture Fraiche Festival. “Soleil” depicts one of Inti’s iconic albino figures with the eyes blinded with roses, another recurring theme of the artist. Once again, Inti used the typical bright colors of ancient South American culture. We loved the detail of the scissors on the overalls, because they seem like melting with the white background of the mural.

Photo by Vinny Cornelli

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