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aruba art square kings spray 2019

One of the themes of this year’s Kings Spray street art festival is the Caribbean island of Aruba, with its folklore stories and idyllic landscapes.

Artists from all corners of the Kingdom of the Netherlands are coming to the NDSM-shipyard in Amsterdam to celebrate the birthday of the King!

Garrick Marchena will join forces with fellow Aruban street artist Robert Solognier.

Garrick Marchena: “Painting in Amsterdam is definitely something different for me: it’s the first time I paint so far from home. I’m excited to be painting at the Kings Spray festival and I love the challenge to be doing something out of my comfort zone. When I’m painting at home, I know where I have everything I need and life is easier. Here everything is new, even sleeping on a classic Amsterdam boat is completely different: it feels like a big hammock, so awesome!

Aruba Art Square

Garrick and Robert painting the background of their piece for Kings Spray 2019

Robert Solognier: “I used to live in Rotterdam from 1974 to 1992. I did graffiti, trains and all the Old School stuff, my graffiti name is ICE. However, I’ve never painted in Amsterdam, so this will still be my first time.

The two artists will paint a mural inspired by Aruba’s ancient history and unique fauna.

Garrick Marchena: “Our piece will be a homage to what makes Aruba special. Right now I’m sketching a prikichi, the bird that is one of the national symbols of Aruba. I will do the sky, while Robert will paint the sea. These are the two best things of the island we come from: the beautiful ocean and the colorful birds in the sky

aruban artists kings spray

Garrick and Robert painting the background of their piece for Kings Spray 2019

Join the Workshop!

The two artists are also providing a workshop on Aruban cave paintings. Children of all ages are welcome from 10:00 to 17:00 at the Aruba Art Square.

fontein cave Aruba art square

Aruba and its folklore stories are also at the heart of the artwork by graffiti artist Rasmus Balstrøm, whose piece will tell the story of the pirates of the Aruban!

It was an afternoon around 5 o’clock. The time when the goats stood in the mondi, looking up at the sun and realizing it was time to go home. Catiri and Keito are two little Indian brothers of 12 and 13 years old. They were playing on a mountain near Bushiribana when they suddenly heard a cannon roar. Curious to where it came from, they ran towards the sea. Closer to the sea, they heard it again. “What is happening?” Keito asked Catiri. “I’ve never heard such a terrible noise. Let’s be careful and see what’s going on. It’s not the familiar sound of thunder; the sky is clear and I no signs of lightning.” Keito and Catiri came by the sea and saw two ships closely together. One of the ships had a huge opening and as the canon fired, it seemed the ship was spitting fire. It was a pirates ship attacking another one.

This is the incipit of “The ship that became a fireball”, the story that the Danish artist is going to represent through his vivid style and realistic characters at Kings Spray 2019.

Aruba Art Square: What’s on?

Aruba’s prime cultural celebration is carnaval, which originated in the second city of the One happy island, San Nicolas, now also the epicentre of Aruba’s street art scene. As such, the Kings Spray Street Art Festival will be livened up with two stunningly dressed Aruban carnival dancers and an Aruban DJ, DJ Djarzino (12:00-14:00), to create a true tropical vibe.

Aruba Carnival

The Aruba Art Square exhibition will showcase the newly painted murals by Aruban artists Garrick Marchena and Robert Solognier, as well as a selection of photos depicting our favourite street art in San Nicolas, Aruba. All featured murals were created by local as well as international artists.

Still at the Aruba Art Square, an exhibition will showcase our favorite photos of street art in Aruba. All featured murals were realized by local and international street artists invited to San Nicolas by Aruba Art Fair.


Beyond Aruba Art Square: read the full artist line-up of Kings Spray 2019!


Thanks to Aruba Tourism Agency for their precious help in the organization of Kings Spray’s Aruba Art Square!

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