Top 5 Street Art Murals in Aruba

With a mix of local and international street artists, the stellar collection of street art in Aruba is definitely worth taking a break from sunbathing on the golden, Caribbean beaches of the ‘happy island’.

Since its first edition in 2016 the Aruba Art Fair, which takes place every September in San Nicolas, leaves behind stunning public art pieces in the streets of the second biggest town in Aruba.

Street Art in Aruba: Garrick Marchena

Garrick Marchena street art in Aruba

Garrick Marchena paints murals inspired by the Dutch Caribbean folklore and unique landscapes. Recurring guest of Aruba Art Fair, in 2017 he painted this cute ‘prikichi’. The Prikichi is the ‘Aruba National Bird” and together with the Shoko (the Aruba burrowing owl) the only birds species endemic to the island.

Garrick Marchena is painting at Kings Spray street art festival 2019: come and meet him at the Aruba Art Square!

Street Art in Aruba: Bordalo II

Bordalo II street art in Aruba

Photo by Rebelone

Bordalo II was one of the first street artists to be invited to San Nicholas by Aruba Art Fair back in 2016. The artist built yet another ‘big trash animal’ to stress the critical conditions of a local species. Namely, this piece made of recycled objects depicts the Aruban iguana -better known locally as “Yuwana”- which is still hunted today.

Street Art in Aruba: Bond Truluv

bond truluv street art today

The German street artist Bond Truluv painted several murals in Aruba, among which this stunning piece saying his name. Using the same color palette as San Nicholas’ colorful houses, the artist designed one of his iconic optical illusions. The piece mixes geometric elements with Aruban palms and the dolphins living off the coast of the ‘happy island’.

Watch it come to life in this video:

Street Art in Aruba: Jorit

Jorit Agoch street art in Aruba

Photo by Cumbicao

When street artist Jorit Agoch landed in Aruba, the news of Bertha Isabel’s recent murder was still fresh in his mind. Therefore he painted one of his realistic portraits that express social and political messages to homage the Honduran environmental activist. This stunning portrait joins Jorit’s Human Tribe collection.

Street Art in Aruba: WD (Wild Drawing)

WD street art in Aruba

The Indonesian street artist WD homaged “The Boss” of the island: the ubiquitous iguana. Despite the intimidating look, the local reptile is pacific and very friendly. The chameleonic animal shows off a color palette inspired by the countless shades of turquoise of the Aruban sea. WD called into play windows and other architectural elements, thus realizing a piece that stands out!


The photo exhibition “Street Art in Aruba” is taking place at the Aruba Art Square during Kings Spray Street Art Festival 2019 (April 27th, Amsterdam).

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