Nuart Festival returns to Aberdeen

Phlegm, Nuart Aberdeen 2018 photo by Giulia Blocal

For the third year in a row, the Scottish city of Aberdeen is welcoming internationally renowned street artists to enrich the outstanding public art collection of the city. The festival takes place from April 18 to 21.

Born from the acclaimed urban art festival Nuart (Stavanger, Norway), Nuart Aberdeen brings at the other side of the North Sea Nuart’s core value of promoting art as part of people’s everyday life. The festival produces site-specific murals and urban interventions that will “challenge entrenched notions of what public art is, what it can be and who it is for” says Nuart founder Martyn Reed.

Street art is popular at the moment, but that shouldn’t occlude a more critical exploration of how it fits into the everyday –a space vital for what it can be, not for what it currently is

– Martyn Reed, Nuart Journal, Vol. 1 N. 1

Ernest Zacharevic, Nuart Aberdeen 2018 photo by Giulia Blocal

Ernest Zacharevic, Nuart Aberdeen 2018 photo by Giulia Blocal

Nuart Aberdeen 2019

Highlights of this year’s line-up are the Portuguese street artist Vhils, who carves large portraits directly into walls; Axel Void’s ‘uncomfortable’ life scenes; Ben Eine and his iconic, bright coloured typography; the large-scale realistic portraits painted by the Australian graffiti artist Smug; and Jan Vormann’s urban installations made of lego bricks.

Hyuro, Nuart Aberdeen 2018 photo by Giulia Blocal

Hyuro, Nuart Aberdeen 2018 photo by Giulia Blocal

Murals are an important part of the urban garden, but we also need to understand them as being in symbiosis with, and in debt to, the activist, the graffiti writer, the trickstarter, the sticker, the paste up, the stencil and the tag. In that sense, Nuart is fiercely protective of the term ‘street art’, no matter how corrupted. The ‘street’ is the grit in the oyster that creates the street art pearl, if you like

– Martyn Reed, Nuart Journal, Vol. 1 N. 1

Nuart Plus: the symposium

What makes Nuart different from the street art festivals mushrooming all around the world is the excellent program of academic talks, film screenings, walking tours and public workshops that goes under the name of Nuart Plus. The agenda aims at engaging all kinds of public into a meaningful discussion about street art in all its nuances.

StreetArtToday Nuart Aberdeen

Highlights of this year’s Nuart Plus program are the exclusive talk with playwright, designer and celebrated Scottish artist John Byrne; artist and craftivist Carrie Reichardt, who is back in Aberdeen this year as one of the speakers; the premiere of the movie “Imaginary City” by Kristina Borhes; and –obviously- Nuart’s traditional ‘Fight Club’, which sees two teams, composed by both academics and artists, battle upon a hot topic in the current discussion about urban art. Moreover, street art walking tours will be available both on Saturday 20th and on Sunday 21st.

Check out Nuart Aberdeen 2019’s full program!

Nuart Aberdeen 2019: Artist line-up

Strøk (NO) | Axel Void (US) | Ben Eine (UK) | Dotmasters (UK) | Ememem (FR) | Evol (DE) | Hama Woods (NO) | Helen Bur (UK) | Hush (UK) | Jan Vormann (EU) | Julio Anaya Cabanding (ES) | Smug (AU) | Vhils (PT)

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