7 Best Murals of the Month: March 2019

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Bond TruLuv created an augmented reality graffiti piece, Aryz paid homage to Japan and its culture, Kitt Bennett painted on a rooftop in Melbourne and more! The list is in a random order.

Marat Morik Madrid

In this mural curated by Madrid’s urban art fair Urvanity, the Russian artist Marat Morik combines his background in graffiti with his life-long passion for drawing and painting. Marat Morik’s current focus is ‘texture’, hence this collaged image where abstract and realism come together. The resulting piece is a multi-layered, multi-faceted portrait of Russian poet Anna Akhmatova.

Photo by Flavia Gurrea Usera


Street Art Today Fintan Magee SAT7 March 2019


Fintan Magee has just completed this stunning mural in Tahiti for ONO’U Festival. Titled “Strength of Memory”, it depicts a hug brimful of melancholy. A strong visual detail of the mural is the Polynesian tattoo on the guy’s forearm. Historically, Polynesian warriors were tattooed with a series of geometrical patterns, mostly consisting of repeated triangle motifs: a tradition that turned Polynesian tattoos into a highly refined art.

Photo by Fintan Magee

Aryz Tokyo March 2019

#3 ARYZ 

Painted in Tokyo for Tennoz Art Festival, this stunning mural by Aryz is titled “The Shamisen”, which is the name of the three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument. The mural was inspired by Aryz’s childhood dream of visiting Japan, which –in turn- was fueled by all the Japanese gifts that Aryz’s father was bringing back home from his work trips.

Photo by Aryz


The Australian artist Kitt Bennett has brought his observational drawings to the next level by painting on vast and flat surfaces like rooftops or floors. Making these huge, flat-lay artworks called for a drastic change of perspective than painting onto walls: we are looking forward to seeing how Kitt will develop this technique even further. These sneakers were painted in Melbourne.

Photo by Kitt Bennett

Street Art Today Bond Truluv SAT7 March 2019

Street Art Today Bond Truluv SAT7 March 2019 Augmented reality murals


Invited to paint in Delhi by St+Art India, Bond TruLuv created an augmented reality mural that mixes lettering with his outstanding 3D skills. Lately, Bond has been experimenting a lot with the technique of augmented reality graffiti, which allows to see something that isn’t really there and yet it feels so real that viewers find themselves diving into the piece. Most noteworthy, this is yet another way through which the German artist goes beyond the limits imposed by the actual, two-dimensional wall.

Photo by Pranav Gohil

Street Art Today Slim Oliveras SAT7 March 2019


Slim and Jofre Oliveras teamed up to gift Berga’s primary school (Catalonia) with two beautiful murals inspired by the reality of life in school. After a first mural reflecting on the relationship between students and school objects, their second mural –which is titled “The Same Level”- is about competition in school.

Photo by Jofre Oliveras

Paola Delfin mural Havana March 2019


Paola Delfin was in La Havana to take part to the project “San Isidro – District of Art” alongside other acclaimed street artists. She painted one of her iconic black-and-white murals incorporating two piercing portraits of children from the community.

Photo by San Isidro DA

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