XYZ: A Group Show Curated by Chinny Bond

xyz Amsterdam

The relationship between art and geometry has always existed: you see it from early patterns in drawings to contemporary art. Art and mathematics have gone hand in hand since the beginning of art history. I’m focusing all my current work on this relationship, because I find there is a natural beauty in geometry, something that quickly appeals the human mind

Originally from Colombia, Chinny Bond first moved to Amsterdam to attend the prestigious Gerrit Rietvald Academy. He collaborates with the street art collective ‘The London Police’ alongside producing his own artworks, which are monochromatic and strongly influenced by mathematics. Chinny Bond is about to inaugurate the first exhibition he has ever curated, “XYZ”, a group show opening on Saturday March 30th at Go Gallery in Amsterdam.

chinny bond studies

Chinny Bond – Studies

It’s the first time that I curate a show, as well as the first time that I get highlighted as the main artist of a show. It’s a double accomplishment!

Geometrical abstraction is at the center of Chinny Bond’s work. His production is a way of visualizing the mathematic rules underneath the least tangible aspects of the world around us, from subatomic physics to the laws of the Universe. The “XYZ” exhibition will showcase a selection of Chinny Bond’s new artworks.

XYZ chinny bond Amsterdam

Chinny Bond

XYZ chinny bond Amsterdam

Chinny Bond

“XYZ” Group Show at Amsterdam’s Go Gallery

I invited fellow artists who are also influenced by mathematics, geometry and astrophysics. I knew only a few of them personally, hence I reached out to more people whose work I admire and almost all of them reacted enthusiastically. All these artists share the same influence, although the final result can be totally different. They come from different backgrounds and they apply geometry and mathematics in their own, original way. I already received a few artworks, which are very interesting. Now I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of them will come up with

“XYZ” features the geometrical artworks of 15 internationally renowned artists sharing the same source of inspiration as Chinny Bond. The exhibition will showcase the work of the American Hoxxoh, which focuses on the mystery of time by exploring its natural fabric through different ways of visualizing it. The black and white scheme by Dutch duo Graphic Surgery will break into subatomic particles reminding visitors of digital technology, glitches and more optical illusions. Likewise, Mr. June’s three-dimensional effects, which are strongly influenced by his graffiti background, will engage the public with colorful patterns. Finally, Hyland Mather’s (a.k.a. The Lost Object) abstract compositions made of junk will give a perception of actual 3D installations. More artists will be featured in “XYZ”, check out their links below!

XYZ Amsterdam 2501


XYZ Amsterdam Moneyless


XYZ Amsterdam Sebastien Preschoux

Sebastien Preschoux

“XYZ” – Artists on show:



“XYZ” – Go Gallery

Marnixstraat, 127


Saturday, March 30th

17 – 20

Until May 11th

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