Artivist Vegan Flava on climate change

Vegan Flava Loosing Surface

Titled “Loosing Surface”, the latest land art intervention by the Swedish artist Vegan Flava is a wake-up call. Make it the ultimate one by joining the Global Climate Strike on March 15th.

Vegan Flava realized “Loosing Surface” on the ice of Lake Harsa (Harsasjön in Järvsö, Sweden), one of the many water surfaces on our endangered planet whose level is rising dramatically, drowning in the sea vast land surfaces and putting both animals and humans at risks.

Vegan Flava Loosing Surface

To destroy ecosystems that have evolved over thousands of years, to gain short term economical growth is one of our cultures most cynical activities. We are losing surface to the superficial.

The artwork is made with chalk, snow, ash and charcoal on ice and, as it melts away, it stresses our need to stop losing surface to the superficial: the short-sighted goal of economical growth, which led to the destruction of ecosystems that have evolved over thousands of years.

Vegan Flava Loosing Surface

Scratching the white snow, this black drawing depicts the upper part of a skeleton. This is one of Vegan Flava’s common themes since it represents us all, and it does so by coming down –literally- to the bones. It’s not the first time that the artist engages with the topic of global warming and the dangers of ice melting, let alone the first time that he shows how ‘art in the street’ is a very powerful tool for activism; a language to speak against the threats of our consumerist society.

Vegan Flava Loosing Surface

The artwork also stands as an invitation to join the Global Climate Strike on March 15th.

Politicians will not do anything without a strong support or pressure from the people!” said Vegan Flava “They can’t, they’ll lose elections. So we need to make sure they don’t win anything if they don’t fight climate change!


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