7 Best Murals of the Month: February 2019

Best murals February 2019

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Adele’s plumed friends landed in India, Tristan Eaton painted colorful mash-ups of pop-culture monsters, Paola Delfin homaged Maori tribes and more! The list is in a random order.

Hopare best murals February 2019


French artist Hopare painted this 1000sqm mural in downtown Atlanta just in time for Superbowl. Atlanta’s largest mural to date took almost one month to be realized. Articulated in three movements, Hopare’s “Synfony” tributes the diversity in the city by representing three different faces meeting together, celebrating the co-existence of Atlanta’s different communities.

Photo by Allison Burnette

Adele Renault best murals February 2019


Adele Renault’s colorful pigeons landed in Delhi! Once again her realistic, feathered friends in between wildlife and pet are portrayed in all their similarity to us, yet untamed and substantially different from humans. With her deft attention to details, Adele shows beauty where you least expect it: in the luminous feathers and piercing eyes of the most common and despised inhabitants of our cities worldwide. This mural was curated by ST+Art India.

Photo by Pranav Gohil


The Portuguese artist Nuno Viegas faced the Dutch winter in order to complete this mural next to Leiden train station. “Giving them the fingers” joins Nuno’s classic series, which plays on the contrast between graffiti culture’s emblematic objects –like caps, bandanas or gloves- and a neat, seemingly three-dimensional representation of them.

Photo by Nuno Viegas

Nuno Viegas best murals February 2019

Paola Delfin best murals February 2019


Paola Delfin painted a stunning, monochromatic mural in the historical tribal area of Ngātiwai in New Zeland. The Maori ‘tribe’ living there traces their ancestry to Manaia (after whom the street art festival is named) and is known for their ocean traditions and coastal raiding. With “Kotahi” / “Uno” the Mexican street artist reminds viewers to honor the past and their ancestors, those who shaped our present cultures –which are all interconnected- and ultimately made us who we are.

Photo by Yoshi Yanagita

Tristan Eaton best murals February 2019


At Pow! Wow! Hawaii Tristan Eaton painted a long mural depicting Universal Movie’s most iconic monsters, from Wolfman to Dracula. Cross-generational icons of pop culture, these monsters have found in Tristan Eaton’s pop, colorful mash-ups their ultimate effigy. Through his vibrant visual collages, Tristan wanted to homage the monsters’ hidden side of being misfits and misunderstood.

Photo by Tristan Eaton

Tristan Eaton best murals February 2019

DULK best murals February 2019


For Artify Jaco festival in Costa Rica, Dulk has just completed “Fragile”: a vivid mural telling the story of the toucan Grecia. Injured and with most of its upper beak destroyed, Grecia survived thanks to the local community, which organized a crowd funding for the first 3D print prosthetic beak. Dulk was fascinated by this story to the point that not only he depicted Grecia in the large-scale mural commissioned by the festival, but also arranged to meet her while he was painting in Costa Rica.

Photo by Dulk

Mr Cenz best murals February 2019


This classic Mr Cenz piece has just popped out in his hometown of London. It features yet another female face painted in his trademarked style, which mixes abstract with realism, all fueled with bright-neon colors and an overall funky, flowing movement. Mr Cenz’s layered portraits are always created through a spontaneous, freestyle action, which he mastered since when he began hitting the streets back in 1988.

Photo by Stephen O’Reilly

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