7 Best Murals of the Month: January 2019

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Tats Cru painted a graphic homage to their city on the legendary Bowery Wall, Fintan Magee stood up for Indian workers’ rights, Bordalo II built two big trash animals to promote his upcoming gallery show and more! The list is in a random order.

Tats Cru best murals January2019


New York graffiti legends Tats Cru have just ‘updated’ the legendary Houston/Bowery Wall with a great artwork inspired by the surrounding area. The world-famous trio from the Bronx began creating subway graffiti in the mid 1980s and they are the first full graffiti crew to have painted the Bowery Wall. The mural is a graphic homage to Lower East Side’s cityscape and its icons, such as Keith Haring, who first painted this very same wall back in 1982.

Photo by Tats Cru

Fintan Magee best murals January2019


Who holds the foundation we walk on? This is the question raised by “Four men holding Roman columns”, Fintan Magee’s latest mural painted in Goa for ST+Art India. The artwork focuses on workers’ rights and power structures; this strong social issue was inspired by the fact that 16 millions of Indian people work abroad. Apparently ‘effortlessly’, they hold economies that became dependant on Indian labour, like the four men depicted in the mural hold a Roman column, which –in turn- symbolizes wealth, opulence and imperial power.

Photo by ST+Art India


Still curated by ST+Art India is this impressive wall by the Italian artist Millo. Located in Dharavi, the largest slum in India, it aims at bringing art into an area where living conditions are very hard. Sheltered under a blue umbrella from which Indian traditional flower decorations come down, Millo’s character is walking towards a better future.

Photo by Suraj Katra for St+art India

Bordalo II best murals January 2019


To promote his solo show at MathGoth Gallery, Bordalo II produced not one but two big trash animals in the center of Paris. The exhibition “Accord de Paris”, which opened on January 26th, features yet more animals made of trash, inviting the public to reflect on the precarious conditions of many endagered species around the world. The title itself recalls the Paris climate summit that took place in 2015.

Photo by Bordalo II


In his hometown of Athens, the Polish-born artist painted this beautiful mural that clearly shows his background in comics and illustration, although differently from the pasted, handmade posters he is well-known for. The subject is unusual as well: known for depicting human fears and inner struggles, here Dimitris Taxis painted a beautiful, yet conventional, still life, which perfectly shows the neat, uncluttered style he is gravitating towards.

Photo by Aurynf


Nils westergard best murals january 2019


The newest ‘One Wall’ project by Urban Nation Berlin saw the American street artist Nils Westergard painting “The UNforgotten”, a memorial wall for the homosexuals who were persecuted and murdered in concentration camps during the Nazi regime. Nils painted one of his impressive, black-and-white portraits, which tells to passers-by a moving story of gender oppression and abuse that he discovered through the project “Faces of Auschwitz”.

Photo by Nika Kramer

Gleo best murals January 2019

#7 GLEO 

The Colombian artist Gleo painted a colorful mural in the streets of Izmir, which seems to be in a conversation with local graffiti artist Pansca’s wall at the other side of the street. Titled “The Case”, Gleo’s artwork was inspired by the theme selected by Mural Izmir: “Izmir and Mithology”.

Photo by Gleo

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