7 Best Murals of the Month: November 2018

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Leon Keer introduced augmented reality in his epic anthropomorphic murals, Etnik painted his iconic abstract shapes on a massive wall in Florida, Theic from Colectivo Licuado reflects on the transience of life and more! The list is in a random order.

StreetArtToday Betz SAT7 November2018

#1 BEZT – ‘The Letter’ was painted by Bezt in Torrijos (Spain) for Map 2018. As it is always the case for their individual works – either by Bezt or Sainer, which together form the Polish duo Etam Cru – here you can see the unique differences in their styles, although their signature Etam style is always clearly visible.

Photo by Dan Ferrer

StreetArtToday Monkeybird SAT7 November 2018

#2 MONKEYBIRD – ‘Fatality Slay’ is a classic MonkeyBird piece realized by the French duo in Acapulco. Their handmade-cut stencils of metaphysical architectures have arrived in Mexico for IPAF Festival, where they painted their signature wild animals: the realistic monkey and the dreaming bird. MonkeyBird’s aesthetic, which is inspired by old engravings, here references also stained glass and Rose windows, pushing forward their continuous research of universal symbols.

Photo by Damian Gillot

#3 THEIC Theic, from the Uruguayan duo Colectivo Licuado, has painted a large-scale mural on the surrounding wall of La Paz’s Cemetery (Bolivia). Titled ‘Tiempo – Memoria – Muerte’, this mural reflects on the preciousness of time, which flies away and carries along our lives. However, we can beat the transience of life thanks to our memories, which can bring us back to the past and transform death into a new beginning – rather than the absence of life. The candles in the mural symbolize life, whose light vanishes fast. Created for Ñatinta Festival by Perrosueltos.

Photo by Theic

StreetArtToday Leon Keer SAT7 November 2018

#4 LEON KEER – With this mural realized for Vibrations Urbaines Festival the Dutch 3D artist Leon Keer takes his anamorphic masterpieces to the next level by introducing augmented reality, which brings the painting to life through an animation. Titled ‘Once upon a time’, this large-scale mural in Pessac is a hyper-detailed representation of an old-fashioned living room.

Photo by Leon Keer

#5 ETNIK – Etnik’s abstract shapes arrived in Jacksonville (Florida) for GNV Urban Art Project. Inspired by water, which is a typical element of Florida according to the artist, this massive mural (12x45mt) refers to Plato’s geometry and his icosahedron: a solid of twenty faces, hence the title of the mural – ‘Eikosi’ – which means twenty in Greek.

Photo by Iryna Kanishcheva

StreetArtToday Etnik SAT7 November 2018

StreetArtToday Zed1 SAT7 November 2018

#6 ZED1 – Titled ‘No Poverty’, this large-scale mural is part of a project by the city of Turin aimed at giving shape to the United Nations Global Goals. At the center of the composition there is a wallet full of land, from which a red rose is blooming. However, ending all forms of poverty isn’t simply an economic issue. Thus in Zed1’s mural also corruption, lack of adequate education, war and imprisonment, health system disservices, living in dangerous places, lack of resources and pollution are represented. The hands removing these evil clouds show that only our conscious actions could end poverty.

Photo by Zed1

StreetArtToday Astroodv SAT7 November 2018

#7 ASTRO – ‘Chromatical opening’ surprised us because here the French artist used many more colors than he usually does. Astro painted this 13 storey mural on the building of a brand new luxury residency in Washington.

Photo by Max Snyder

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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