LADS kick off Monta Street’s co-canvas ball

The London Police joined forces with Edgar Davids on Monta Street ’s latest street soccer adventure.

Who needs field markings and corner flags when you have the street? When you can enjoy a comfort, comradeship feeling just by playing with your mates at the ‘Johan Cruyff Court’ around the corner?

At Amsterdam’s legendary soccer courts rules are unwritten and children run around without much adult supervision, picking up games and showing off their unique tricks. The Dutch city boasts a vibrant street soccer culture: you can see the influence of street soccer back in various Amsterdam neighbourhoods, where you’ll find players on the block playing all day long.

That’s why the original street soccer brand Monta Street chose Amsterdam to launch its first co-canvas ball, which comes in a limited edition. This patented canvas freestyle soccer ball has been created by a team made of two Amsterdam’s street icons: the Dutch football idol Edgar Davids, who was already considered a street soccer legend even before starting his career at local club Ajax Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam-based street art duo The London Police.

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By perfectly mixing their different expertise and backgrounds, they came up with a limited edition co-canvas ball that will be launch as an exhibition on November 22nd at the 5and33 gallery at Art’Hotel Amsterdam.

The exhibition will be showcasing different parallel perceptions of artistic lifestyles that have sequenced together. The collaboration will also contribute to charity organization Parc Des Reves, an initiative that supports youngsters all over the globe through building playgrounds and social projects.

Monta Street’s limited edition co-canvas ball will launch on November 22nd in the 5and33 gallery at Art’Hotel Amsterdam and via in Amsterdam and Tokyo. Don’t miss this perky appointment with art, sport and street soccer culture! 

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