7 Best Murals of the Month: October 2018

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This month: Mario Mankey highlights the human impact on the environment, Millo inspires us to dream bigger, Axel Void tributes the marginalized and more! The list is in a random order.

Street Art Today Millo SAT7 October2018

#1 MILLO – Painted during Fabrikaffiti Festival (Georgia), this mural is about that long, hard fight that leads to the achievement of a dream. Millo was inspired by his perception of Tbilisi, a city whose inhabitants have begun dream bigger after having had a hard time, like flowers blooming from a root.

Photo by Millo

Street Art Today Pixel Pancho SAT7 October2018

#2 PIXEL PANCHO – “Marinella, pensieri volanti” (“Marinella, flying thoughts”) depicts one of Pixel Pancho’s iconic robots, which represent our timeless, modern Gods. This mural was painted in Bayonne (France) during Points de Vue Festival.

Photo by Roger Feugas

Street Art Today Mario Mankey SAT7 October2018

#3 MARIO MANKEY – Realized for Berlin Mural Fest, “The Anthropocene’s Syntom” is about the human impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystem, which is so significant as to constitute a new geological epoch according to some scientists. With this large-scale mural Mario Mankey highlights the issue of global warming and questions if humans deserve a future or not.

Photo by Mario Mankey

Street Art Today Sebas Velasco SAT7 October 2018

#4 VELASCO – Painted during the first edition of Urban Skills (Spain), this mural depicts the painter, writer and musician Manuel Solbes Arjona. It’s characterized by Sebas Velasco’s strong painterly style, which perfectly immortalizes not only Solbes Arjona himself but also the atmosphere and the intangible feelings Velasco experienced when visiting Solbes Arjona’s “cave”.

Photo by Jordi Arques

Street Art Today Milu Correch SAT7 October 2018

#5 MILU – This tribute to Ancient Greeks’ goddess Hecate was painted during Draw the Line Festival (Italy) by the Argentinian muralist Milu Correch. Hecate is associated with magic and witchcraft, which are very popular topics in all the tales and legends from that area of Southern Italy.

Photo by Milu Correch

Street Art Today Axel Void SAT7 October 2018

#6 AXEL VOID – Curated by Manchester’s City of Hope, this large-scale mural connects the Peterloo Massacre (Manchester, 1819) to the injustices of the contemporary world. Lydia –the lady portrayed in the mural, who is the daughter of a Windrush victim- symbolizes of those people who are still marginalized, oppressed and demonized. Axel Void painted this mural on the People’s History Museum.

Photo by People’s History Museum

Street Art Today INTI SAT7 October 2018

#7 INTI – With this mural, INTI tributes the Aztec goddess ‘Coatlicue’. Considered a symbol of fertility, Coatlicue gave birth to the moon, stars and Huitzilopochtli, the god of the sun and war. She was replaced by Virgin Mary during the European conquest of America, which resulted in the camouflage of all those traits that are banned in Catholic iconography.

Photo by INTI

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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