7 Best Murals of the Month: May 2018

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. Bringing the top of the international street art scene to Berlin, May 2018 is dominated by the walls of Urban Nation, although other projects also made the list. View the best murals in a random order:

#1 TELMO MIEL x JAMES BULLOUGH – Dutch duo Telmo Miel worked together with American artist James Bullough to create this stunning wall for Urban Nation‘s Unity project. The image shows a person, consisting of body parts of people from all over the world and the different nations. Berlin, Germany.

#2 INO – In May, the Greece street artist INO traveled to the Port of Piraeus to make this beauty. Named ‘Lost’, INO painted a huge portrait of a woman: “She’s lost, so much on her mind.”

#3 SNIK x NUNO VIEGAS – Next on the list is this killer collab! Stencil artist Snik and the Portuguese Nuno Viegas worked together and the result is worth a visit to Berlin.

#4 SUPER A – The Dutch painter Super A made an amazing work on the facade of Urban Nation in Berlin, Germany.

[…] Berlin is a city with a history when it comes to oppression and rebellion caused by the system. The base for the wall is Lady Justice holding a scale, being surrounded by birds that represent the citizens who are dealing with the system. Lady justice has no pupils, is blind and represents a ‘objective’ system.

The raven represent the corruption and abuse of power infiltrated in the system. […] The colorful birds are trapped in the head of lady justice, the sword of lady justice breaks, a branch comes out, the system lost. No Justice, Just Us.

#5 HERAKUT x ONUR & WES21 – Another top notch mural made for the Berlin Mural Fest. This one is painted by the duo Herakut and the Swiss artists Onur and Wes21. “As long as you are standing, give a hand to those who have fallen.”

#6 INTI – After his big solo show ‘Profane’ in Paris, INTI started to make art in the public space again. Made for Killart Fest, you can find this great piece in Barranquilla, Colombia.

#7 BOSOLETTI x YOUNG JARUS Again, this painting is made for Urban Nation in Berlin. Bosloletti and Jarus have opted for an inverting technique that offers the viewer several perspectives and makes this artwork to a crossmedial eyecatcher.” Great project, amazing murals!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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