7 Best Murals of the Month: April 2018

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. This time in the Street Art Today 7: Blu’s wall for a protest project, the Dissection of Wilhelmine von Bayreuth, Vhils’s orangutan and more! The list is in a random order.


#1 PICHIAVO – Let’s start this month’s list with the amazing mural painted by the Spanish duo PichiAvo. Made in Lisbon, Portugal as part of their solo show ‘Versus’ in the Underdogs Gallery.


#2 MATTHEW DAWN  – This man keeps getting better! The artist Matthew Dawn made this mural for The Crystal Ship in Ostend, Belgium. Photo by Egmond Dobbelaere.


#3 BLU – With this strong painting, Blu joined a protest project in La Punta, Valencia. The neighborhood is damaged by the unstoppable growth of the Port of València, which drove hundreds of families from the area. 

The Italian artist painted a pyramid of colorful containers, referring to the expanding Port. More info about the project here.


#4 NYCHOS – Austrian artist Nychos is back with an intense mural named ‘Dissection of Wilhelmine von Bayreuth’. The painting, based on the princess of the German Kingdom of Prussia, can be found in Bayreuth, Germany.


#5 JADE – Next on the list is Jade Rivera! The Peruvian artist went back to Chile to paint this beauty for the BarrioArte project in Santiago.


#6 VHILS – This month, an amazing work of art by Vhils was created in Sumatra, Indonesia. It’s part of the activist art campaign Splash and Burn, bringing several artists together to campaign for environmental causes. The artist about his work:

This piece was created to raise awareness about a new species of Orangutan discovered in the forests of Sumatra, which is already endangered with only 800 left in the world. This is mostly due to unregulated farming practices of palm oil in the region, leading to forest fires, deforestation, human displacement and a decrease in wildlife populations.

#7 D*FACE – Last but not least: the huge mural made by the English artist D*Face. ‘Turn Coat’ can be found in Paris, France.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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