Ron Muralist’s Yellow House Project (pt. I)

Proyecto Case Amarilla (English: Yellow House Project) is a huge project by Ron Muralist in La Boca, the most famous neighborhood of Buenos Aires. This place is chosen by tourists for being the most emblematic suburb that represents Tango, football and the arts. It is a very popular and colorful neighborhood with a lot of tradition.

Part I

The artist, Martin Ron aka Ron Muralist: “The project consists of the realization of four adjoining murals; this is only the first. Each one measures twenty-four meters high by twelve meters long and in each one I represent ‘The Passions’; tradition, football and tango. These are the most important pillars of the area. In this mural, I chose the figure of a juggler to represent the challenges, falls and successes of the Italian immigrants who populated La Boca at the beginning of the 19th century.”

Stay tuned for more Ron Muralist and his Yellow House Project!

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