Said Dokins’s light calligraphy tour in the Netherlands

At the end of 2017, the Mexican artists Said Dokins and Leonardo Luna visited the Netherlands thanks to the invitation of Heerlen Murals, Street Art Today and Locatie Spatie in Arnhem. During their trip, they created an amazing series of light calligraphy called ‘Inscription and Erasure: Heliographies of Memory.’

The project consists of a series of photographs that capture the calligraphic gesture, the very moment where the action of inscription is taking place. But this is not usual calligraphy writing. The texts are written with light, so the words disappear as soon as they were suggested by the moves of the calligrapher, invisible to the simple eye, they just can be captured by a process of long-exposure photography, that reveal what happened, even though no one could see it. Through these ephemeral interventions with light calligraphy, we capture the invisible, acting on air, using as locations iconic places: historic sites, public plazas, monuments, bulwarks, abandoned places become re-signification spaces.


Said Dokins: “It is surprising how many bicycles can be seen in Amsterdam! Kilometers and kilometers of cycling routes, canals with small boats that can take you from one place to another. We were invited by Street Art Today to collaborate in the project of their museum for urban contemporary and street art, that will open next year in Amsterdam.

We worked in Amsterdam-Noord, the old industrial area across the IJ river. Currently, it’s going through an accelerated process of gentrification, that has given rise to a new urban area at the river shore with hotels, restaurants, galleries and museums that have turned the neighborhood into a place of production and consumerism characteristic of post-industrial cities. From another perspective, the local people of that side of the river that had lived there through generations in social care housing, feel every day more unconnected to their own neighborhood.”

Read the whole story on Said Dokins’s website: Light calligraphy tour in the Netherlands

Light calligraphy by Said Dokins
Photos by Leonardo Luna

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