These are the Best Murals of 2017

Since April this year, Street Art Today selected each month the seven most stunning murals of the past month. 2018 is almost here, but not before we have listed the Best Murals of 2017. Enjoy!

April / FAITH47 – This beauty was made in April by the South African muralist Faith47. ‘Giant Elephant’ can be found in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo by Chopemdown Films.

April / BORDALO II – The Portuguese artist Bordalo II has impressed us all with his ‘Trash Animals’. In April, he made the ‘Red Squirrel’ in Dublin, Ireland. Yes, Bordalo II made trash nice again!

May / INTI – Always amazing! ‘Our North is the South’ was made by the Chilean artist INTI for the Wonderwalls Festival in Port Adelaide, Australia. Photographer unknown.

May / D*FACE – In May, D*Face visited Paris to create this mural named ‘Love won’t tear us apart’. Photo by Lionel Belluteau. Invited by the Itinerance Gallery.

May / BANKSY – Strong mural about the Brexit by Banksy in Dover, England. Photographer unknown.

June / SETH GLOBEPAINTER – This great two-piece mural named ‘Le fin’ (English: ‘The wire’) was made by the French artist Seth Globepainter for the Grenoble Street Art Festival in Fontaine, France. Top notch!

June / OBEY – Peace and love! ‘Peace Waratah’ was made by Shepard Fairey aka Obey in Sydney, Australia. Photo by Jon Furlong.

July / DULK  – ‘Lost Call’ tells the story of animals threatened by climate change. United by the same cause, a herd of herbivores tries to order some green food; the ‘Lost Call’. A strong and beautiful piece made by Dulk that you can find in Wiltz, Luxembourg. Photo by the artist, supported by Kufa Street Art.

July / FARID RUEDA – ‘Totem’, a breathtaking mural by the Mexican artist Farid Rueda. He made this colorful mural in Sisak, Croatia. Photo by the artist.

August / FINTAN MAGEE – In August, the Australian street artist Fintan Magee made this stunning mural ‘Walking in Circles’ for the Waterford Walls street art festival in Waterford, Ireland. Photographer unknown.

August / MANTRA –  ‘Wiener Schmetterlinge’, which means ‘Viennese Butterflies’, made by Mantra. The French artist shows his class with this awesome mural in Vienna, Austria. Made for Calle Libre.

August / SONNY – This masterpiece ‘Electric Fury’ is made by Sonny for the Waterford Walls festival in Ireland. The mural is part of his inspiring project To The Bone, which aims to raise funds and awareness for endangered wildlife before it’s too late. Photographer unknown.

September / TELMO MIEl – Dutch duo Telmo Miel painted a massive mural for No Limited Borås in Borås, Sweden. This badass painting is named ‘The Adventures Of Nils Holgersson’.

September / OSGEMEOS – ‘Rock on to the break of dawn’ are two murals dedicated to hip-hop. Made by the Brazilian identical twin brothers OSGEMEOS. Photos by Martha Cooper.

October / MILLO – ‘Dream’ by Italian artist Millo in one of the poorest suburbs of Pescara tells a beautiful story:

We should take more care of our lives and never forget to dream, cause inside each dream there’s everything we are and everything we will be.

October / DEIH – Spanish master Deih made this amazing mural ‘Are You Ready’ or the Points de Vue Fest in Bayonne, France. Photographer unknown.

November / MILU CORRECH – Milu Correch painted this first-class mural in November as part of Pinta tu Barrio and her ‘Among Ashes‘ project. The mural can be found in the city of Quilmes, Argentina.

November / BORDALO II – Bordalo II also made one of the best murals of the month November. This time, he made a so called ‘Trash Animal’ in the streets of Paris, France. Photographer unknown.

December / KITT BENNETT – Ground painting! Australian artist Kitt Bennett made one of the most impressive ones we have ever seen. Melbourne, Australia.

December / PICHIAVO – The two artists Pichi and Avo made this badass mural in Valencia, Spain. An initiative of Tuenti España and curated by Urvanity-Art. Photo by Juncal Roig.

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