7 Best Murals of the Month: December 2017

Each month, Street Art Today selects the seven most stunning murals of the past month. In the last edition of this year: the Wynwood Walls in Miami, Millo painting in China, a powerful mural by Sonny and more! The list is in a random order.

#1 PICHIAVO – This month, the two artists Pichi and Avo made this badass mural for Tuenti Urban Art at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. An initiative of Tuenti España and curated by the platform Urvanity-Art. Photo by Juncal Roig.

#2 SETH GLOBEPAINTERIn December, Wynwood Walls took place in Miami. The French artist Seth Globepainter was present and created this colorful wall called ‘Human Kind’. Photo by John Parra.

#3 NUNO VIEGAS x FANAKAPANNuno Viegas and Fanakapan worked together on this hyperrealistic mural. A fantastic collaboration and a wonderful result. Made for Wynwood Walls in Miami, photo by Droos86.

#4 KITT BENNETT – One of the most impressive ground paintings we have ever seen. Made by the Australian artist Kitt Bennett in his hometown Melbourne, Australia.

#5 SONNY – This month, the artist Sonny made a new mural for his To The Bone project. He named the wall ‘Nanuk’, which means ‘animal worthy of great respect’. Sonny aims to raise funds and awareness for endangered wildlife before it’s too late. Made for Wynwood Walls in Miami, USA. Photo by Droos86.

#6 MILLO – Italian artist Millo went to Shanghai, China to create this beautiful mural called ‘Sound of you’. The artist himself about the wall:

The need to find a way in this frenetic world where sometimes we forget to listen to our inner part. This work is full of feelings hard to explain, from the nostalgia of the things lived like the spring that leaves his place to autumn, to the regrets of this flying time, till the empathy between the character and the nature, as they are both sharing the same feeling. It’s full of my most poetic thoughts.

#7 MY DOG SIGHS – The last wall on our list: a meaningful painting made by My Dog Sighs. Within the wild background, the artist hid tags and throw ups made up of the names of animals that have become extinct in Florida in the last 50 years. The reflection mirrors the despair and cause of this sad state of affairs. Made in Miami, USA. Photo by Droos86.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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