Milu Correch’s mural series ‘Among ashes’

Last month, the Argentine artist Milu Correch completed an amazing mural for Pinta tu Barrio in Quilmes, Argentina. It is the fifth painting from her mural series and part of her latest street art project ‘Among ashes’.

Painting from the exhibition ‘Among ashes’.

Among ashes

In April, Milu exhibited her first solo show named ‘Among ashes’. It consisted of various paintings, drawings, installations and a fresh mural. ‘Among ashes’ was exclusively exhibit the 7th of April in a workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentine.

With naif ingredients, Milu achieves to create an image with its own mystery. It generates a curiosity that won’t be easily fulfilled and, thereby invites you to fill it with fresh stories.

Girls, stripped of childlike innocence hidden behind the masks, do not propose a playful scene but a secret story. A darker story that sways between this world and another untold one. The burned cars are deflected. Machines that no longer function for what they were created, aesthetic objects whose oxides give a more organic and useless life. They are evidence of an action, of fire and time that is now locked up in their static.

Mural project

After the exhibition, Milu took the project to the streets. In July, she made the first mural for MIAU Fanzara, a street art festival in Fanzara, Spain. The next paintings were made in Sapri (Italia), Vienna (Austria), Airola (Italia) and Quilmes (Argentina).

#1 Fanzara, Spain for MIAU Fanzara – July 2017 (selected for 7 Best Murals of the Month July)

#2 Sapri, Italia for Incipit Art – July 2017 | Photo by artist

#3 Vienna, Austria for Calle Libre – August 2017 | Photo by Norbet Wabnig

#4 Airola, Italy for In Wall We Trust – August 2017 | Photo by artist

#5 Quilmes, Argentina for Pinta tu Barrio – November 2017 (selected for 7 Best Murals of the Month November)

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