BoaMistura colors Mexican neighbourhood

NIERIKA is the latest work by the Spanish street art collective BoaMistura in Guadalajara, Mexico. Together they covered almost 5000 square meters: three buildings, two facades and a huge square.

Wixaritari culture

BoaMistura based their work on the Mexican Wixaritari culture. This majority of the indigenous people lives in the Jalisco area of Mexico. “The niérika allows the Wixaritari to put order in their daily life and also to live in unity in a world that will otherwise be chaotic and unpredictable. It allows them to relate the present to the past. Besides that, it allows them to live with the awareness of their history and the knowledge that they are the ones who will design their own future.” 

The words FUI, SOY, SERÉ (I am, I was, I will be) represent the strength of the Mexican people. These words are beautifully painted on the buildings around the square. Check out the beautiful photos below.

Made possible by the support of the Madrid and Guadalajara City Councils, FIL Guadalajara and Pinturas Prisa. Love goes to the unconditional support of the residents of the Infonavit Independencia Housing Unit and the volunteers of the University of Guadalajara.


Photos by BoaMistura and Miguel Azanza

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