Pipsqueak was here creates mural during inspiring lecture

On September 28, the duo Pipsqueak was here gave an inspiring lecture to students of the Breitner Academy in Amsterdam. An impressive live demonstration resulted in the meaningful mural ‘Go Another Mile’.

The painting tells the story of man and nature. As the population increases, man needs more and more space. This reduces the habitat of especially the big animals. In ‘Go Another Mile’, the bear represents these animals, while the girl is the face of youth and humanity. Our generation must tell this girl that she should feel responsible for the earth in order to save it from destruction. The cars in the background are an example of what absurd consumerism is doing to the environment: stacking waste, which reduces the habitat of animals.

The lecture was part of the Streetwise project, a collaboration between the Breitner Academy and Street Art Today. Together we’ve created an educational program to teach the art teachers of tomorrow about Street Art. During the course the students will do research assignments on our future street art museum, that will open its doors in 2019.

Photo by Pipsqueak was here

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