Telmo Miel: 5 years of awesomeness

Dutch superstar street artists Telmo Miel – aka The Vikings, The Dutch Bros or The Bearded – are having their five year anniversary as a duo. Within no-time they managed to build a stunning portfolio of high quality murals around the globe. Enough reason to look back and select our five favorite projects from their short, but already amazing career.

Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann first met during their study at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2007. They have been chewed up and spit out by the academy, but never lost sight of their plans, even though they didn’t know what they were exactly. In 2012 they officially formed the duo Telmo Miel. Now, five years later, the artistic duo is seen as one of the best muralists The Netherlands has to offer with their style mixing classic Realism, Abstraction and Surrealism.

These are our five highlights (out of many) of the past five years of Telmo Miel.

1. ‘A’o Mai I Kou Hewa’ – Hawaii, USA

Photographer unknown

We start the list with this huge mural in Hawaii made for POW! WOW! festival 2017. In their work, they combine two or more images in a single composition, telling a new and interesting story. This painting tells us that learning from your mistakes only can make you stronger: ‘A’o Mai I Kou Hewa’, or translated: ‘Learn From Your Mistakes’.

Photographer unknown

2. ‘Don’t Say Nothing’ – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Photographer unknown

Telmo Miel can paint, that’s for sure. Their strongly detailed paintings are impressive in themselves, but they’re always telling a story as well. A meaningful example is the mural they made in Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

This mural represents modern day kids, shutting themselves off from the outside world. The majority of today’s rising generation is not learning how to expand minds without the use of technology and social media. Children are more dependent upon electronics and less dependent on human interaction.

3. ‘Dørene Lukkes’ – Oslo, Norway

Photo by Selina Miles

In the recent years, the duo made a name for themselves, painting huge murals all over the world. Although many of these walls are worth mentioning, this project has something special. Short after winning the Dutch Street Art Award for Sickest Dutch Street Artist in March 2016, Telmo Miel traveled to Norway to paint an entire subway station in Oslo. This painting shows the difference of how children and adults look at subway trains. Kids see a train as a toy, while adults use transportation as a means to get to a certain goal. Telmo Miel named their work ‘Dørene Lukkes’ (Norwegian for ‘Beware Doors Are About To Close’), a sentence they heard throughout the day on the ‘Ulsrud’ station. Great place, great work!

Photo by Selina Miles

Photo by Selina Miles

Photo by Selina Miles

4. ‘Portret van een stel’ – Amsterdam

Photo by Bastiaan Musscher

For the promotion of the Rijksmuseum Street Art Today was asked to produce three murals inspired by the works of classical Dutch Masters. In this award-winning project from 2014, we invited new Dutch Masters Telmo Miel to recreate the painting ‘Portret van een stel’ by the classical Dutch Master Frans Hals. Although this style is something totally different from what they normally do, they managed to create a masterpiece once again. The painting can be found in the Haarlemmerstraat, Amsterdam.

5. ‘Two of One Kind’ – Lisbon, Portugal

Photographer unknown

As if the combination Telmo and Miel isn’t enough, they sometimes work with other artists. In May 2016, the Dutch Bros made a mural named ‘Two of One Kind’ in collaboration with the Portuguese artist Pariz One. This beauty can be found in Lisbon, Portugal and was made for the MURO festival.

Telmo Miel celebrates their 5 year anniversary with their own personal overview of highlights at the Sober Art Gallery in Rotterdam. The show launched September 1st and runs until September 29th.

Telmo Miel 5 Year Anniversary
Date: 1st Sept 2017 – 29th Sept 2017
Opening Reception: 1st Sept, 6pm – 11pm
Location: Sober Art Gallery
Adress: Zaagmolendrift 53, Rotterdam

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