Sober Walls Rotterdam 2017

Sober Collective organises the second edition of the Sober Walls Rotterdam. From 9 July until 21 July, the street artists Amok Island, Natalia Rak and Joram Roukes will paint various murals in the Rotterdam district Old North. Sober Walls Rotterdam is connected to the Sober Street Art Exhibition. This exhibition opens at the Sober Art Gallery on Friday July 14th.

Sober Walls Rotterdam

Sober Walls is a public art project curated by Sober Collective. Their main goal is to deliver high quality street art for the city and her people. To ensure the quality of the murals, a committee of experts together with the Central Bureau of Art selected the street artists. These are the names:

1 – Amok Island is born and raised in Amsterdam, being an underground graffiti writer in his youth. As he grew up he slowly started to experiment with different styles and media. Nowadays, he lives in Australia as a full time artist. His lifelong fascination for nature and her relationship with mankind can be seen in his work: he mostly paints large, colorful and nature inspired murals. He created murals in over 20 countries and will be painting in the Erasmusstraat, Rotterdam during Sober Walls 2017.

Amok Island

2 – Although the Polish Natalia Rak is painting for 10 years now, she recently started with street art. She mostly paints the faces of women, creating mood, mystery and metaphor with her colorful murals. Natalia has participated in various exhibitions around the world and is now coming to the Netherlands. During Sober Walls 2017 she will be painting a mural at the Vletstraat, Rotterdam.

3 – Joram Roukes is an internationally working painter from the Netherlands. His work reflects the daily life in the western society, filtered and reassembled in a collage-like manner. Jorams Roukes’ work has been shown all over the world, mostly in galleries and private collections. This February he made a mural for PoW Wow Hawaii and during Sober Walls 2017 he will make a painting on the walls of ZoHo.

Joram Roukes

Sober Street Art Exhibition

On Friday 14 July, the opening of the Sober Street Art Exhibition will take place at Sober Art Gallery. Besides Sober Walls artists Amok Island and Joram Roukes, Dutch artist Does will show his work. The fourth participant will be the winner of the Sober Talent Contest. The show starts at 6 pm and the entrance is free. Sober Street Art Exhibition runs from the 14th of July until 18th of August.

Sober Talent Contest

The Sober Talent Contest is an open call for anyone who would like to win a spot at the Sober Street Art Exhibition. The committee of experts of Sober Collective will select the winner. Besides a spot at the exhibition, Sober Collective will look at possibilities for further collaborations. Previous Sober Talents are Nuno Viegas (December 2016) and Kaili Smith (March 2017).


Sober Walls Rotterdam 2017
9 July – 21 July
Old North, Rotterdam

Sober Street Art Exhibition opening
14 July (exhibition until 18 August 2017)
6 pm – 12 am
Sober Art Gallery, Zaagmolendrift 53, Rotterdam

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