World’s largest street art museum comes to Amsterdam


UPDATE [5 March 2018]: Due to the restoration of the monumental building, the opening of the museum is delayed. Sign up for the newsletter and stay informed. We keep you updated on the developments!

The city of Amsterdam is getting a new museum. The largest street art museum in the world will open its doors at the NDSM docks (From Dutch: Netherlands Dock and Shipbuilding Company), situated on the north side of the river IJ in the summer of 2018. With its impressive size and art collection the museum will put NDSM on the map as an international cultural destination.

The former welding hangar (locally known as Lasloods) covers the surface of more than 7.000 m2 and is twice the size of the famous Turbine Hall of Tate Modern in London. Curator Peter Ernst Coolen from Street Art Today is currently working on setting up the future museum together with his team. “Street art has been an inseparable part of urban life for years now. Critics consider street art one of the most significant art movements of the moment. Being made on the street, however, it is also the most perishable. The museum’s collection will not only capture an era but will present the best street art works and artists in one place making it accessible to a wide audience.


Nils Westergard (USA) working on his 9 x 5 canvas for the museum, Photo by: Wolfgang Josten

The collection was started in 2015 and now includes more than 100 works by leading street artists from all over the world, such as David Walker (UK), Cranio (BRA) and Hoxxoh (USA). All the artworks have been especially created for the museum and in format worth mentioning. “The smallest painting we show is larger than the “Night Watch”, and the largest piece so far is one by Telmo Miel. Their artwork is five meters wide and twelve meters high. These local by origin and now international street art superstars have created two works for our collection, and are now working on the third canvas. Just imagine the size of these canvases: the size of a building facade three to four floors high. Once the renovation is done, the artworks will be hanging side by side with old cranes in a monumental industrial hall 24 meters high. Mighty impressive. ”

“In the meanwhile we have signed a long-term lease agreement and are now closely working with property developer Biesterbos on defining the plan for the renovation and remodeling. The authorization request was submitted in 2016 and as soon as we get the green light, the renovation and refurbishment of this monumental building will start. We are expecting to open our doors to the public in the summer of 2018.”


Eduardo Kobra painted a portrait of Anne Frank on the walls of the soon-to-open museum, Photo by: Marco Buddingh

The world-famous Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra has recently painted a 24-meter high portrait of Anne Frank on the facade of the future museum. The striking and colorful artwork entitled “Let Me Be Myself” has been picked up by media and spread all over the world. It’s message and the story of Anne Frank continue to be very relevant today. “Street artists are urged to reflect on the contemporary society. They have a story to tell and insights on social issues to share. These messages form the core of the museum collection. We cannot wait to show everybody the beautiful pieces.” For the background story and more information, see: Eduardo Kobra paints Anne Frank in Amsterdam.

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