Vesod – A rich combination of Italian culture and physics

Vesod - Rotterdam - Picture by Martine Kiers
Vesod - An Instant Before - Sober Walls Rotterdam

Vesod – An Instant Before – Sober Walls Rotterdam

Vesod is an Italian artist, who was born in Turin in 1981. For Italian people, their family, the Italian history and their culture are core values. This describes Vesod in a nutshell. “I really like to tell the story of my country and family.” Vesod has a degree in mathematics, and was even working at a “boring” office for a couple of years. He explains that the main reason for studying mathematics was because his mother used to be a Math teacher. At the same time, he developed an interest for art, because his father was a surrealistic painter. Vesod explains that he started as a graff writer, but when his father died he inherited a lot of paint and oil and started painting canvasses. People got really interested in his works, and he decided to stop teaching maths and follow his new passion. His work is a rich combination of Italian Futurism and the Renaissance, and he explains that because he is from Italy, he should be proud of his culture. He was inspired by classical paintings all over Italy, like paintings that you can find in churches. Real inspirations for Vesod have been Umberto Boccioni and Giacomo Balla

Nevertheless, Vesod never really said goodbye to mathematics, he admits. “I am still reading articles of physics”; and he transforms his knowledge of physics in his paintings. He describes that his style can be described as a type of “continuism”, and that he often visualizes a place close to a black hole, where you have eternity. Past and future are visible at the same time.  For example, his work in Rotterdam, that is called “An instant before”, shows a couple of these characteristics. Vesod painted a lady with two faces (one is looking in the future, and one is looking back in the past). Besides that, she holds a clock that doesn’t show the time. There is no time. It is a distortion of gravity.

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