Kaili Smith – An international talent with Dutch roots

Kaili Smith was selected as “The Talent” for the Sober Street Art Exhibition this year. This young artist was born in The Netherlands, but moved to Australia when he was a young child. He grew up in Melbourne, and spent most of his days painting trains with his friends. After he visited the Venice Biennale he decided to study arts and moved back to The Netherlands. He is currently studying arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Kaili describes himself as a fine artist, and not a street artist or an urban artist. His work contains a big variety of videos, installations, paintings, and the big challenge is to find a good balance in not getting to broad.

The main theme in Kaili’s paintings is globalization. His family lives all over the world, thus he meets lot’s of people with varying perspectives. explains that he has a lot of family all over the world, and that’s why he sees a lot of different perspectives. His art is an expression of the different stories of people. He wants to make a connection between these different stories, tries not to pick sides and share these experiences. He tries to share these perspectives through his art by connecting the unique stories of individuals while remaining objective. He mentions that the titles of his works are often derived from quotes from pop music. Recently he

Kaili Smith - Picture by Martine Kiers

Kaili Smith – Picture by Martine Kiers

did a scholarship in New York, and was in the United States at the moment that Trump was elected. As a response to the election he made a work that was based on a picture from kids that burned an American flag. The title of the work is “Finding dinosaurs in the bible”.

Plans for the next couple of years is to finish his study in Rotterdam, and keep doing what he is doing. He hopes to host solo shows in galleries in the next 5 to 10 years.

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