Street Art Exhibition and muralproject by Sober Collective

Artwork | Vesod

Rotterdam’s creative platform Sober Collective is proud to present two cool new projects: Sober Street Art Exhibition & Sober Walls.

Artwork | Sebas Velasco

The Sober Street Art Exhibition launches March 17 with a dazzling show by no one less than the Spanish Sebas Velasco, Vesod from Italy and the Dutch street art duo Bier&Brood. The show runs until April 28 in Sober Gallery at Zaagmolendrift 53 in Rotterdam. Definitely worth a visit!

Street Art Exhibition | Sober Collective

Sober Collective also invited three street artists to launch Sober Walls: a mural project in ‘Het Oude Noorden’ in Rotterdam. Sebas Velasco works on a collaboration with no one other than the homegrown international top duo TelmoMiel. Bier&Brood will do the second wall and the third wall will be transformed by newcomer Kaili Smith who won the Sober Talent Contest

Artwork | Vesod

Sober Collective is formed by multiple companies of the brand Sober which are active in advertisement, art and interior design. Sober Collective aims to promote street artists and their work in the city of Rotterdam.

Artwork | Sebas Velasco


Sober Street Art Exhibition

Dates: March 17 to April 28

Adress: Sober Industries | Zaagmolendrift 53, Rotterdam

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