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The very first edition of the Street Art Heerlen is for sale in several stores in Heerlen centrum starting August 5th. A magazine to discover murals and taste the city!




Sanne Gijsbers from ‘Street Art Heerlen’ and Rian Moonen from ‘Ik ben in Heerlen: WAT NU?!’ will gladly guide you through Heerlen, a seemingly raw city in the pitoresque south of The Netherlands. A city with a dark (coalmine) past, a colorful present and a ton of great ideas for the future. Sanne Gijsbers: “I’ve been photographing and blogging about murals for years. With this magazine, we’ve created an offline version of our digital street art map that is available for everybody. Making a walking or cycling murals tour through the city has become very easy!”




Both organisations hope with their initiative to not only excite people about the murals in Heerlen, but also to stimulate them to visit local establishments. Rian Moonen: “Even though Heerlen probably isn’t the first city on your bucketlist,  there are plenty of great things to see!”





Discover Heerlen with the Street Art Heerlen magazine. Experience the city with walking and cycling tours, visit the beautiful murals and taste the city through drinks & bites at local establishments.

The english magazine has a first edition of 250 pieces, the dutch magazine has a first edition of 500 pieces, which cost €4,95 each and can be bought at 100% Heerlen, Coasters, Quatro Cinema, De Twee Gezusters or online via 

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