Walls of Connection by Masterpeace

Walls of Connection Street Art Today partnered up with MasterPeace for their unique event ‘Walls of Connection’ which takes place at the International Day of Peace this year. Where? Worldwide!

Masterpeace is a grassroots organisation founded in 2011 by Ilco van der Linde, initiator of the annual freedom festivals in the Netherlands and co-founder of Dance4Life. This relatively new international peacebuilding movement is represented all over the world by local clubs.  The Masterpeaceclubs organise local, national and international events which are aimed at overcoming cultural, political and religious differences by connecting people through soft powers such as arts and music.

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Coming September, Masterpeace launches the worldwide event ‘Walls of Connection’. Walls have a highly ambivalent meaning which we usually do not even realise: walls protect us from outer influences and provide shelter but at the same time walls lock in and out. Walls are usually pulled up with the best of intentions but they will inevitably cause a seperation. On the 21th of September, walls of seperation all over the world will be transformed into Walls of Connection by local street artists in collaboration with Masterpeace clubs. So far clubs in over 30 countries have confirmed their participation, amongst others Afghanistan, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Finland, Nepal, the Netherlands and many more. The result will be a mural spanning the walls of cities around the globe which makes it one the biggest mural projects ever.



Wall of Connection – Croatia

Masterpeace invites you to use your talents and energy for peace! For more information click here. Some clubs are still looking for local street artists so if you feel sympethetic to Masterpeace’s missionstatement and want to help local peacebuilders work on this amazing muralproject, send an email to ilja@streetart.today and we will connect you through.



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