Kings Spray Street Art Festival 2016 recap

Wolfgang Krell

Street Art Today recently celebrated the Dutch king’s birthday by hosting the second edition of Kings Spray festival. Live painting by international artists Inkie, Dzia, Kool Koor, Steve Locatelli, Mark Gmehling, Mr. Cenz, Eelco Van Den Berg, Pipsqueak Was Here!!!, Kas Art, Malakkai, Wolfgang Krell, Nuno Viegas, Eklor, Bustart & Zaira, and Deesaster made an impact in brightening up the area with surreal, colourful and beautifully imaginative illustrations and artworks.

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Wolfgang Krell and Kool Koor

Wolfgang Krell (left) and South Bronx legend Kool Koor sketching their blackbooks

The concept of large scale artworks was fully taken to heart by offering the artists canvases of equal sizes as the murals they often paint outside and on the sides of buildings accross the globe, which -in their size- easily outplay the classics from the Golden Age of Dutch painting. Next to a few of these ‘giants’, the audience was able to stroll through a labyrinth of stacked shipping containers. To no surprise these were being painted on as well.


Eelco van den Berg


Pipsqueak was here!!!

mark gmehling kings spray 2016

Mark Gmehling




Kas Art

The open-air space at the NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam was partially also set up as an affordable street art market, offering participating artists as well as local artists a stand and the opportunity to sell their artworks. Varying in medium, technique and size, artists like Bunny Brigade, Zippora Meijer, AmsterSam, Serge ‘KB’ Kortenbroek, Bheo Mushroom, Nix Stencils, PopShop Alex, RAF Amsterdam, Doodkonijn and Simian Switch displayed and sold their works at the market.


Kids made art @ The Royal Graffiti School

Food and beverages for the day were expertly taken care of by The Beef Chief, who source their ingredients locally and work out of a restored 1975 Citroën H van. 

Next to the live painting, interactive graffiti workshops with kids and the art market, the visiting audience was treated to beats by an eclectic collective of DJ’s, varying from DJ aDOOR, DJ Boombassa, DJ Jesse Voorn,  and the 8 year-old DJ Sol. The last -but certainly not the least- set for the day was reserved for the incredibly talented 12 year old Bram Mulder a.k.a. DJ Bowyer, who certainly had lived up to all of the expectations.


DJ Bowyer rocking his tunes

The massively forecasted rainfall for the day never occured, which only made the day brighter and livelier, leaving the audience with nothing else than -what is no doubt to be- a much anticipated third annual return of the event next year.


Bustart & Zaira










Kool Koor

Kool Koor

Kool Koor

Nuno Viegas




Mr. Cenz

Mr Cenz

Mr Cenz


Steve Locatelli

All artworks are specially made for the new street art museum which is expected to open it’s doors Spring 2017.

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Text: Davor ‘Deesaster’ Smoljan
Images: Martine Kiers & Wojo

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Founder and curator at Street Art Today. Organizer of Kings Spray street art festival. Expert speaker at Pakhuis De Zwijger and Amsterdam Museum, producer of award-winning street art murals for Rijksmuseum. Currently building the world's biggest street art museum at NDSM Amsterdam. Opening 2019.