Hiding in plain sight – Trash art Birdhouses by Thomas Dambo

Recently we had a nice conversation with Danish artist Thomas Dambo. You might know him from his huge wooden sculptures that he makes out of reclaimed wood. But the man is also working on a very nice project that caught our attention: he builds and installs these hidden birdhouses everywhere he goes. Time to ask the artist about his motivations.

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So Thomas, tell us a little about yourself, were do you live and work?
My name is Thomas Dambo I’m a Danish artist, I live in Copenhagen where I have a big workshop filled with different trash I scavenge around the city and bring back to my workshop on my cargo bike. All my projects are made from trash – entirely! My mission is to show the world that you can create something beautiful from trash, in this way I hope to inspire other people to waste less of the worlds recourses. My art and designs are often colorful, positive, childish and fun and I always like to involve people in my art.


Where did you get the inspiration for this Birdhouse project?
I believe its important for animals to live in coexistence with humans, humans occupy such a big part of the world but we need to remember and make place for the animals to. I have a graffiti background, but find it a lot more meaning full to do “streetart” that acutally has a purpose and everybody can relate to and understand. Thats why the birdhouse become my tag. I made a lot of birdhouses over the last 7 years, now it must be over 3500.

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Where can we find your birdhouses?
My birdhouses are mainly in Denmark and Copenhagen where I live, but over the years I did a lot of projects around the world, and I always bring birdhouses. It’s my tag, so its every where I go. Recently i was in Puerto Rico to build a sculpture, I made this little video, check it out there’s also a birdhouse 🙂

What are your plans for the future for this project, any goals you would like to accomplish?
I’m working with a big Danish company, and hope to do a massive project where I do birdhouses from some of their wood trash, and in this way be able to upscale the project, involve more people and just basically teach more people about recycling and the benefits of taking care of the world.

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What are your dreams for the near future, some special location or technique you want to explore?
I would like to have a big recycle plant next to my workshop, so people would come and give me their trash. That way I don’t have to go around and find trash, but I could just focus on the actual recycling. If this becomes reality I will start a school and give other people the opportunity to work with recycling and understand the opportunities.

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What more can we expect from you, any cool projects you are working on at the moment?
At the moment I’m building big recycled wood sculptures, like the one in Puerto Rico. I think its amazing that I can go every where in the world and make something big and beautiful, from the local trash. So I want to make more of this sculptures and have a lot of ideas. And then of course I will bring my birdhouse project in one way ore another.

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Thomas Dambo is an artist / designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together with his crew Thomas makes beautiful and fun projects out of “trash”, recycled materials which they find around city dumpsters. By doing this he hopes to inspire people to have fun and think of trash as a resource.

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