Amsterdam Streetart Photographer Wojofoto

When roaming the streets and back alleys of Amsterdam you have a good chance of bumping into Wolfgang Josten a.k.a. Wojofoto. This ultra friendly guy is an avid street photographer and sticker artist. For over ten years he is meticulously documenting every single piece of street art and graffiti that is made in Amsterdam. Shooting all day every day (most days he comes home with 10 gigabyte of new photos) he has built an astonishing archive. You should definitely check his work out on Flickr, it’s a great way to stay up to date on the Amsterdam street art scene.

Movie made by Amsterdam based film maker Greg Solenström (Vimeo).


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Founder and curator at Street Art Today. Organizer of Kings Spray street art festival. Expert speaker at Pakhuis De Zwijger and Amsterdam Museum, producer of award-winning street art murals for Rijksmuseum. Currently building the world's biggest street art museum at NDSM Amsterdam. Opening 2019.